Raising The Dead and Black Magic In Our Modern Society

Apr 09, 2023

What do you need to raise the dead? Well, if you watched any of the Frankenstein movies as a child, all you really need is dead material or parts.....and some electricity. Could anything like this be happening in our society today? Well, as usual, reality is stranger than fiction.

Let's take a quick look at corporations otherwise known as ghost or shell companies to some, because they aren't legally treated as being housed by living entities. The word corporation is based on the word "corpse", which is a dead body. Corporations are governed by laws that are separate from the laws that govern living persons. In order to bring the dead CORPoration to life you need electricity and in this case that electricity is the life force of the citizens themselves in the form of currency. Now currency (current) is an electrical term that provides the cash flow toward the dead, in order to bring the dead to life. The larger the corporation grows, the more electricity it needs from the people. What is also odd is that metals like gold are the most electrically conductive material for electrical current. In our past (and even modern time), gold was used as the primary currency. Silver is also highly electrically conductive and silver of course was (and is) still used as currency today as well. Gold and silver have been removed as official currency only in the last 50 years, which means the only thing left on the planet to conduct the electricity or life force TO THE DEAD CORPorations is you, the people.....through what you call money. You are now the electrical source for raising the dead. Let me explain.

The one who controls the flow of electricity inside a corporation (a dead entity) is said to be the person in charge or the person who has most of the power. Both "charge" and "power" are electrical terms. It's all electrical. We live in an electrical Universe, based on vibration and charge.

What's happening today can historically be referred to as The Rise of The Quilpoth, (spelled a couple different ways) which means the raising of the dead or when evil spirits walk among the living inside a shell. This is why corporations are often called SHELL companies, because they house the dead. Again, in order to raise the dead, you need electrical current or the charge of life, which comes from the people themselves. Money is a word that actually means "the one and only electricity". Mon is an ancient term for moon (which means "one" or "the lonely one", because there is only one moon) and "ey" or "e" means electricity, the 5th element, the ether or the magic needed to raise the dead or give life in the material world. The dead spirits of this world invented money in order to capture your electricity (value or work force), in order to direct that current to raising more of the dead. This process of stealing your life force electricity first started small with taking 10, 20, 30 or 40 percent of your currency to raise the dead........and now they want it all. This is the ancient premise behind "you will own nothing and be happy" and the Quilpoth entities who brought this idea forward. They want all your money, all your charge, all your power, all your currency, all your life force, all your electricity, all your battery....in order to raise the dead and give life to the dead.

Now to visualize this process, I have taken a clip from the 2001 film titled The Mummy Returns. This process of the dead needing the life of the living, in order to live.......because they don't have the ability to sustain life themselves due to not being connected to GOD, is a very old narrative that's discussed in many ancient texts throughout history. This is a scary movie scene so please get your protective shields up a bit, in order to visualize the dead sucking away the life of the living.......which is what's happening today in real time.

In our society currently, many people are getting murdered by their own governments, they're also falling sick, losing their wealth and generally feeling very weak on all levels, even spiritually. People are generally feeling unmotivated, afraid and POWERLESS...because what's happening is an ancient cycle where the power of the human cattle are being drained away by the dead. Although this culling and disempowering of the people looks political, it's actually religious, as government is simply a very old dark religious death cult dressed up in a very clever costume. 

Government is also a corporation and so is The WHO, The WEF, Costco, Walmart etc. These dead entities can only survive by draining the life out of the living and into the dead, through the currency we call money. This is The Rise of The Quilpoth (pronounced KILL-PATH for a reason) talked about throughout ancient history, where dead spirits house themselves inside a shell to enter the realm of the living. These dead entities want to keep growing in order to dominate the landscape and this is why those entities have hatched plans to literally suck the living dry of all their electricity/money. It's been said in ancient text that when a person dies, they release a massive pulse of electricity into the dead realms (that can power the dead) and that the younger the death, the more electrical charge is released. (think child sacrifice here because it's still going on today in many corporations). You could say death is the primary currency in the land of the dead because death releases a huge pulse of electrical current out of the living who were snuffed out. This is why you'll always find evil around children because children contain the biggest "shine" or "life force" for extraction. Where there's children, evil will always be close. The word evil is LIVE spelled backwards. The word devil is LIVED spelled backwards. This is because for evil and the devil to walk in this realm, they need to destroy the living in order to power their existence.

With this movie clip below, I hope it adds to your imagination regarding what could be happening in our world right now. I give you a scene from the 2017 movie titled "The Dark Tower". In this short movie clip the primary character talks about a tower that protects humanity from demons, who lurk just outside a protective circle or doom. The devil is working hard to destroy the protective tower, so demons can enter and engulf humanity with monsters. Oddly enough, if you watch the entire movie, the devil (played by Matthew McCONaughey) uses the weaponized electrical energy (spirit) of very young children, as the ultimate charge to destroy the tower.  

What we're seeing in government schools today is simply the playing out of ancient teachings, as evil dresses up in many disguises to get very close to its primary food source, the children. Those people in costume who want to dance for your children at school or read them stories at the library, they aren't who you think they are. You're seeing the shell. There's something you're not understanding under the shell. By their fruits, you shall know them. The QUILPOTH appear to be here with us. The dead are now walking among the living if you haven't noticed. All the living are getting drained of their life force current and even losing their lives prematurely, as the great transfer of currency to the dead is indeed occurring. The fraudulent injections they're calling vaccines are releasing lots of people's life energy as well, as they pass prematurely. The younger the victim, the more the dead benefit. Young electricity is the ultimate prize in the land of the dead.

In short, your government is a dead corporation and it wants to grow and grow and grow....in order that the dead spirit walk among the living clothed in a material shell or disguise. It's easy to see that the dead spirit occupying government is evil, dark and rotting. This spirit is anti-life, anti-children, anti-God, anti-family, anti-sun, anti-love, anti-connection, anti-health, anti-nature and anti-justice. Government will take as much life energy from you as needed, up to and including the ultimate release of your electrical currency through death. It doesn't matter who is at the head of the government, the spirit of the dead will occupy them. No one is immune to the power of the underworld. They will always give you false hope for the next leader. There's only one real solution to break the cycle of darkness trying to invade this realm. In order to remove our Frankenstein creation called government, we need to cut off its electricity, its money, its currency and its life force. Only then will this death energy slip back into the darkness from where it came. Your society is modern yes, but the foundational rules of life and death on this planet (written down thousands of years ago) have never changed. It's time to send the dead back to the darkness and remove the shell corporations from the land of the living before the CORPSE-porations remove every molecule of life on this planet to give life to themselves. Make no mistake, you are dealing with pure unbridled evil. There's a reason the CDC has already warned of a zombie apocalypse of the dead, on it's official government website. (that fact discussed below) Your answers are in the past. Yes, weird things are afoot. Ignoring the acceleration of death and everything death centric in our society won't help solve this problem. The solutions are in your hands. Keep your electricity and life force for yourself. Stop feeding the darkness. It's time that we all starve this death centric and evil force out of existence. 



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