Personal Self Sabotage 101

Apr 15, 2024

We all have programming. It's commonly professed that the average person is involved in only 3-7% of their daily decisions, as the other 93-97% come from their programs. Our body likes efficiency, and it needs scripts and/or guidelines to navigate the world on a daily basis. If there's a behavior, action or belief that's repetitive in our lives.....our neurological system can graduate those repetitive patterns into the subconscious, where they'll run on cruise control, so that things go a little smoother in our day to day lives. It just makes sense and it's an efficient way to operate. 

If you had to relearn how to walk every single time you got out of bed, it would be much harder to make any positive headway in your life. The walking pattern is repetitive, that repetitive pattern is recognized by your nervous system and then that repetitive daily pattern is something that graduates into the order to run like a perpetual computer program, always operating in the background every second of every day that you're alive. This is a pretty brilliant system when you think about it. This adaptation is even more brilliant than just described.

If these programs are repetitive throughout each generation, like breast feeding for example, they become part of our genetic memory......which is even a higher step up in our survival programming. Mind control experts often refer to this as Monarch Programming and it's named after the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch Butterfly migrates from Mexico to Canada every year, but it takes 3 generations of butterflies to make the trip, as two generations die along the way and only the third generation makes it to Canada........without ever having made the flight before.  Where did the navigation programming come from, if no one physically showed the third-generation butterflies how to get to Canada?  Why will a newborn baby (when healthy) migrate toward their mother's breast and start sucking pretty quickly, even though the baby's eyes aren't even open at the time? There's a higher level of subconscious programming that appears to only take three generations to imprint into our neurology. Again, the body likes efficiency and it also likes survival-based programming that it can run over and over again, in order to makes sure everything goes as smooth as possible in life. The body is highly evolved in regards to copying, mimicking, emulating and mirroring the repetitive behavior or themes from its environment. That's how we as a species have survived this long.

This system of identifying repetitive content and then acting it out subconsciously (which means outside your consciousness awareness) goes on every second of our lives. You would be very surprised how little repetitive content can trigger us acting out that repetitive content in our own environment...without us even knowing that this process is occurring. Are you aware that you only need 2-3 repetitive ideas, themes or patterns etc occurring inside your current environment, for you to adopt that idea, theme and pattern into your own set of behaviors and beliefs?

Let's take a look at the 6-minute video below to see all this occurring in real time. Here in this video we have a man who knows how this behavior system works. He hacks and mind controls 3 other people, who have no idea how this internal computer operating system works inside their own bodies. Let's take a look at this amazing demonstration. It's beyond entertaining and borders on what ancient people called magic. Mind control, brainwashing, propaganda, behavior modification and psychological manipulation are all usually based on what's seen below in this one video.

Oddly enough, programs like this (that manufacture our repetitive behaviors, beliefs, ideas etc) can also affect us in very negative ways.... if the repetitive cues in our environment are negative. Humans will mirror, emulate, mimic and copy the most repetitive messaging or patterns of behavior in their environment. I won't over explain things here verbally. Maybe it's just best you play the 1-minute video below of a young child saying he wants to grow up to be murderer, simply because he watches too many repetitive murdering themes on his TV. We will be what we see. It's that simple. Garbage in/garbage they say. If you're having garbage results in life, garbage inputs are the reason. 

If you're having a hard time in life health wise, financially, relationship wise and just generally sucking swamp water as Olympic sport (which can obviously be very frustrating)'s most likely (almost 100% guaranteed) that this mimicking effect is in play. The beautiful part of understanding why people self-sabotage and burn their own lives down is that these folks can finally start recognizing that it's not their fault. People who are constantly setting their own lives on fire are actually working as designed. Taking in repetitive negative and disempowering content will always reprogram people in negative and disempowering ways...just like that kid who says he wants to grow up to be a murderer. This is the way we're all designed and the people who rule us (from behind the green curtain at OZ) make sure that all we see and an all you can eat buffet of negative fear-based content.....each and every day, in order that our disempowered and diseased carcasses are easier to push all over their masonic chessboards. Most people are messy today and that's because it's all one big agenda. You can't get these many people destroying themselves (with no end in sight) without something extremely nefarious being in motion.   

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