One Lie To Rule Them All

Sep 17, 2023

The title of this article is a play on words from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, where a mythical ring had enough power to sway any battle in one direction or another. Today we have a modern equivalent of the phrase, "one ring to rule them all".  Our modern equivalent is "one lie to rule them all." This one lie without exaggeration is "the government would never do that." The foundational cornerstone of that one lie is laid down in the government school system of course, where the students are taught many other similar lies about the government looking out for the public's best interest or that the public could never flourish without an ancient crime syndicate (masquerading as government) poisoning them and stealing their money daily.

That's how far we descended into a totalitarian hell of our own making. The average person can't fathom that they would have a better life telling themselves what to do, while having access to 100% of their own earnings. The idea of "you keep what you make and I keep what I make" is completely lost on the average indoctrinated grade A government school graduate, who only dreams of one day working for the force that steals their money and gives it out to other folks who don't deserve it. The foundation of this clinical insanity is this one lie to rule them all.......the government would never do that. If you're wondering how to stop having a government poison you and steal your money, it simply starts with using your NO properly. You don't need to go storm the government just have to start saying NO when the government tries to poison you and steal your money.

Here's how this one lie to rule them all works. Let's take 9/11 In this documentary  In this documentary it's proven without a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was organized by forces within several governments (the US and the Israeli governments to name a few). If you watch this documentary, it's easy to understand that this one lie to rule them all (the government would never do that) is all that stands between most people and them fully understanding the sort of reality they're currently living in. Not only did the 9/11 operation murder nearly 3000 people at ground zero, the resulting war was used as the reasoning behind killing millions more in the Middle East. The preplanned 9/11 attack also made sure that all connected world governments took full control of their airports, in anticipation of the fake and fabricated COVID psy-op, so that these criminal organizations could lock the public out of their order to use the joy of travel (and other pleasures) to strong arm the public into injecting a toxic brew, which turns them into blue tooth emitting human cell phone towers so they can be locked into a modern e-prison.

You can easily see the average person scrambling inside their own heads when faced with these claims and referenced citations. There's often an invisible prison without walls between their own 2 ears, as they try to process these extremely harsh realities. That one lie to rule them all (the government would never do that) locks most folks into an illusionary jail cell, which can't be any bigger than 2 meters squared.....inside the confines of their mind-controlled psyches. 

Take another example, something like The Oklahoma City Bombing where the ATF didn't go to work that day because government insiders tipped them off that a bomb was going to go off, but no one else in the building were told.............not even a day care for the parents who worked in the building. Again, all planned from the inside in order to change laws that would mark US citizens as domestic terrorists and allow those targeted citizens to have their basic rights removed. This way if anyone spoke up against the government group who planned 9/11, the Oklahoma City Bombing and so many other preplanned attacks on the public......those freedom fighters could be silenced right away, after being marked as a domestic terrorist.

If people ever come face to face with these truths, it doesn't seem to matter because we have the one lie to rule them all......defusing the lie immediately..........."the government would never do that!" The truth is simple. Government maintains its power by destroying your power. Government creates problems purposely and markets those problems as chance happenings, which of course require more thieving of your hard earned money, in order to fix the problem that the government purposely created. But......but..........the government would never do that! The truth is.......that's all the government does for the most part. Here's some other examples below.......

Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen and was planned to happen by forces hiding inside the US government.....but......."the government would never do that!"

No vaccines have ever been proven to increase immunity to disease because the testing structure for all vaccines never tests if the vaccines increase immunity in real world populations........but.........."the government would never do that!." 

The test for COVID can't test for COVID....but......."the government would never do that!"

Barack Obama changed a clause in the NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) to make propaganda legal to be used against the American people, by the American government........but...."the government would never do that!". 

Mammograms are proven to cause breast cancer.......but......."the government would never do that!"

Fluoride in toothpaste weakens teeth, causes cancer and causes brain damage.........but....."the government would never do that!"

The TV is documented military weapon, proven to only exist to modify the behavior of the general public, in ways that benefit the ruling 1%..........but........"the government would never do that!"

The COVID vaccine was never a vaccine and was never tested as safe and effective whatsoever..........but......"the government would never do that!

It's easy to see that this one lie.......the government would never do indeed the one lie to rule them all. The original lord of The Rings "One Ring To Rule Them All" poem gives us an idea of what's coming if we don't start thinking logically and rationally about what's happening.......and what has been happening since the day we all flew out the womb.

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