New Documentary - Whistleblower Comes Forward

Mar 19, 2024

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The two parts to this new documentary are below. You can watch and judge for yourself. I've come to my own conclusions regarding this information and you can draw your own conclusions as well. In this day and age, we all need to learn to take in information and think logically and rationally about it. In cases like this we don't want to easily throw around the phrase like "controlled opposition". We must remember what controlled opposition really is.

Were my mother and father getting paid by the CIA to circumcise me, which causes a particular form of trauma that increases the effectiveness of all mind control? No, they weren't and they did it anyway. Were my mother and father getting paid by the CIA to inject me with poisons, which have always been sold as vaccines? No, they weren't but they did it anyway. My parents caused me trauma and poisoned me because they were the victims of very simple mind control techniques, organized by the ruling group, in order that each parent produce sick and mentally damaged order that those damaged offspring be more easily controlled, governed, lied to, manipulated and stolen from.

Mind control is based on weakness. The weaker you are, the more you comply with bullying, coercion and tyranny. You comply because you're too weak to push back. The ruling group knows this. Poisoned people are weaker than non-poisoned people. This isn't rocket science and you don't need a PhD in anything to understand that there's a very evil group organizing humanity into what equates to nothing more than a human farming operation. This evil group uses two primary tools for keeping the human cattle under control......#1 mind control and #2 poison. How mind control works can be viewed by clicking here and here

Personally, I don't mark anyone as being controlled opposition unless there's strong evidence that the person getting accused is actually in contact with and receiving personal financial benefit from this evil group, who's socially engineering our society into complete darkness and chaos. In this case, I think the evidence to this claim (as for being controlled opposition) leans heavily to the affirmative (for the primary subject of the documentary).

Saying that, some people in this documentary may be more like my parents, being under mind control and falling prey to falsities that are designed to trap humanity in a quagmire of lie-ahria long term. We must learn what controlled opposition is VS someone who's under the type of mind control that my parents were under. My parents and their normalized pursuit to damage me with poison and trauma (like many other parents were tricked into as well) doesn't mean they're controlled opposition; it just means they're victims of the mind control I talk about every single day on this page.

Unless someone is gaining personal financial benefit from the evil doers, they're not controlled opposition. They're more likely under simple forms of mind control, similar to my parents. I even took a flu shot myself in 1996, bragged about it and almost died immediately after. I even said, "it would have been much worse if I didn't take the shot." That is all these injections were ever designed to do of course, they are a tool of tyrannical governance (a poison) sold to the masses using standard mind control techniques. We've all been under these mind control spells at one time in our lives. I understand the power of mind control so of course I understand what my parents did to me and why they did it. I also forgive them and forgave them long ago. My job isn't to lament about our collective troubled past. My job is to teach people about mind control, in order to lessen the unnecessary pain in our society. Life will give us pain regardless. Waiting patiently in line to inject poison into ourselves and our own children, will obviously make things worse.

Inside this documentary below is also discussed what I believe to be the absolute lynch pin to the entire slavery-based system we're all living under today. The whistleblower discusses this lie openly. He knows it's a lie, as do millions of others. For us to be free, this lie has to die. It's the biggest and most destructive lie I've experienced in my lifetime, and it's sold as truth using the same simple mind control tactics that I discuss in the lectures already linked above. This lie is highlighted a couple times, in this new documentary, by this Pfizer whistleblower insider. It's high time we all start understanding and recognizing this lie because if we want to be free as a society, we need to kill this lie and make sure no one ever brings it back from the dead.......ever.  Anyone benefiting from this massive lie doesn't want anyone knowing it's a lie......and that's a large number of people. It's coming out now and that's a good thing for humanity.

This one lie is the foundation of lockdowns, vaccines, travel restrictions, quarantines, asking if you're crossing the border with food, 15-minute cities, much of allopathic medicine, The Pandemic Treaty, the meatless society, most sickness in our society etc........all of it. If this one massive lie can be outed and destroyed, all of what I just listed (plus plenty more tyrannical and slavery-based policy) dies. Shortly after that, we're all finally free. 

Here's the 2-part documentary. Again, use your own judgement and make logical/rational conclusions with the material presented. I'm personally interviewing this whistleblower next week, to get some further clarification on different points I had questions about. I'll release that interview after I finish it.

The entire slave-based system (that we all live within) works around the clock to protect this one massive lie? Do you know what that lie is? Do you think James O'Keefe from Project Veritas is gaining personal financial benefit (or other benefits) from the ruling group? Let's begin....

This whistleblower's main site can be found by clicking here.


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