My Stalker and Surviving Financially in 2024

Dec 16, 2023

I've recently watched a new documentary from Children's Health Defense. It's called THE GREAT TAKING and you can watch it free right here, if you wish. You can also read the book for free by clicking here. If you want to survive with your wealth intact in 2024, I suggest you read this book and watch the documentary.  

This new documentary provides key pieces of the puzzle regarding criminal factions inside all our world governments, colluding with most other "once trusted" institutions in our society, to steal most (if not all) of our 2030, according to my readings of the tea leaves. This heist based con job has been set up decades in advance and the author in this new documentary does a brilliant job at describing the legal sleights of hands, which places all our wealth squarely between the crosshairs of an ancient crime syndicate on this planet.

We all know this crime syndicate as government and we know the employees of this crime syndicate as our friends and family members.....people who benefit from the government pirates looting, raping and plundering the public coffers. I consider this documentary essential viewing if you want to maximize the potential of surviving financially over the next 5-10 years. 

At the beginning of this new documentary there's something discussed called "the velocity of money" and this concept really caught my attention. I had heard this phrase mentioned before but I didn't really grasp the concept. I'm really starting to understand the concept now and it relates to many things I've written about in the years prior. The velocity of money is a measurement that involves tracking the amount of money being printed by central banks and driven into the economy, in relation to how much economic growth that money is providing. It shouldn't come as shock to anyone that our economy has been purposely wired for a controlled demolition because of many factors, including the fact that money is being spent wildly by government, while none of those government projects have any potential of manifesting positive economic growth (killing people with a genocide based vaccine or sending billions of the public's dollars to the government's death cult friends in the Ukraine, so they can all steal it under the guise of defending themselves from Russia.......are just two examples of negative money velocity).

Let me highlight this concept with one other very bizarre and simple example. There's a guy who stalks me daily on the internet. It's his full-time job. This is a completely true story. He gets up every morning, sits down on his computer and stalks me.....and has been doing so for years. His primary psychological adaptation for getting his emotional needs met (as this is what drives all human behavior) is trying to get my attention by registering my various email addresses on different mailing lists around the world. I get between 10-30 new email registrations per day, to websites that sell coffee, that promote the COVID vaccines, the promote eugenic cancer therapies, to THE WHO (the World Health Organization) etc., etc. Yes, everything I don't believe in, he registers me for. Don't worry, I have a computer program now that pushes his emails into my SPAM folder instantly but that's not the point.

This man would starve to death only 100 years ago but because of a handout, somewhere in the system, he's consuming currency out of the collective and only providing negative economic benefit to the society that he lives in. This is what economists call "a negative downward trend, regarding the velocity of money". This stalker is being given societal resources by either a corrupt government or another de facto parent/authority figure.... and he's basically destroying the currency provided to him, adding nothing of value and nothing that will ever benefit the tribe.

This stalker isn't adding additional value to the economic resources he's given, which we are all obligated to do, if we want our society to survive and prosper. His activities equate to nothing more than a financial blackhole, where nothing that benefits the society is being produced. When a government steals the money of the public (which is nothing more than the public's work value, effort, electricity, life energy or life force) and then transfers that electrical currency to people or projects that destroy that value (where the recipients of that stolen money can't parlay this investment into another product or service that other people can use to grow, prosper and flourish) get negative money velocity, negative economic growth and the eminent collapse of the entire society. It's the economic equivalent of an entire society masturbating, instead of having children, which oddly enough is something our society is also currently embracing. It's all just one big waste of time and money. None of it holds any potential to sustain life, liberty or happiness.

It's just like a University professor in this documentary (titled What Is a Woman) who's paid to teach his University students that there's more than 2 genders. There's not more than 2 genders and anyone who thinks so is clinically insane. No exceptions. Saying that, you can indeed funnel millions or even trillions of dollars into projects and people who attempt to accomplish this goal but of course this project will never bare economic fruit in relation to adding value to a society......because the entire concept is a lie. When you seek truth.....economic growth and positive money velocity manifests naturally. When you seek to perpetuate and prop up lies......economic collapse and negative money velocity is all you'll get. Lies are about death and misery. Truth is about life and happiness. It's that simple. All our society is producing currently is death and misery....and that's because our misleaders (paid actors) are only interested in living out and perpetuating lies. All these lies are destroying our wealth, our health and everything we need to survive on the planet. 

Trying to set up processes and employment positions, where the conceptual foundations are based on infantilized illusions, where you say that more than 2 genders the equivalent of trying to hire a team of scientists to grow a plant in the dark, with no soil and no water. It quickly turns into an exercise like hiring people to staple water to a tree. The goal is theoretically and literally impossible. The mere pursuit of any lie and the constant economic funding of said lie, holds the potential to funnel every economic resource of that society into a financial the point where that clinically insane society dies a very rapid death. Nature acts as a computer simulation that erodes and decays lies, fallacies and abominations adverse to the computer simulation. You either play by the rules of this video game we call life or you get recycled into the dirt, in order to try again. Stupid things and stupid people can't survive in this place, whatever it may be and regardless of who designed/built it. We as humans can indeed run east looking for a sunset all we want and we can also spend all our society's money in that pursuit if we wish......but the idea of running east looking for a sunset can never succeed. The stupid people stealing our money and funding these stupid ideas, will indeed destroy all our societal resources in pursuit of these clinically insane goals, if we let them. This is the point in the story where you may want to start paying closer attention and getting involved.

It doesn't matter if it's a police officer getting paid (with stolen money) to shut down local businesses in 2020 because of a fake viral pandemic that never existed (like what happened to my local business of 28 years) and it doesn't matter if it's a medical doctor getting paid (with stolen money) to euthanize their own patients with a genocide based's all providing net harm to the society financially, which is what economists describe as the negative velocity of money. In the overwhelming number of cases today, money is being invested in a way that only produces negative economic growth, death, destruction and despair. Any person who believes that injecting themselves with poison will make themselves healthier, is also participating in negative money velocity. Negative money velocity means the only jobs getting funded by government and corrupt corporations are jobs that aim to destroy the entire culture. Negative money velocity and stupidity are obviously the same, if you judge by the results.

But a bad informercial...........there's more! The corrupt and ancient ruling families, hiding behind the veil of government, intend one final blow to all the people getting paid to destroy our society. The ruling group intends to stop giving out the stolen money to the people they once hired to destroy the economy with negative economic return. It is this shutting off of the financial handouts, by the government pirates, that will lay bare the ultimate snafu for people having passionate love affairs with these financial lies. For people getting paid to destroy our world, once the stolen money stops being given to them by government, only then will the ultimate ambush become painfully obvious.  

The police officer who shut down my business as an obedient order follower, the teacher who teaches children to cut off their own penises and breasts plus my stalker who lives in his Mom's basement (and millions more with the government tit in their mouths).......are all set to realize overnight that they have no survival skills for coping with the real world.....because of their time spent living inside a fabricated government run financial illusion. Not only do these folks (and millions more like them) have no personal survival skills, they only hold the potential to provide negative value, even within the most primitive tribal hierarchy. Their insane and inverted programming (learned from an inverted and dare I say Satanic government) makes most of them a real-world liability in a true free market economy. Most people artificially supported through government theft and not effort, are programmed takers and destroyers of energy. This ambush is obvious to me, as these takers are designed never to survive once the spigot of stolen public funds is diverted away from their wallets. The ruling cabal are indeed going to save their loyal government staffers........they're going to save them for dessert. 

If you really want to increase your financial IQ and make sure you survive financially once the negative money velocity destroys much of our society, think about working with me online, from anywhere in the world, starting January 14th. I spend 20-25%% of all my programs focusing on financial abundance, wealth building and asset protection. If you work with myself and my group, you will learn to only provide positive money velocity in your society and therefore, you'll always be of value to society, no matter what happens. It's time to protect yourself and your family from this system, which was designed to collapse into its own footprint. Make a better 2024 for you and your family. Make a move. No one is coming to save you. It's just you. Come join our tribe of empowered trail blazers and make things better for yourself and your family 2024. This program is almost half full so if you're interested, please email me personally at [email protected], if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you. 


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