Modern Post COVID Glossary And Dictionary

Mar 05, 2023

Politician - paid liar, paid to work against the people, paid to view the public as the enemy, person who is dependent on government theft of the public money for their lifestyle because they have no skill in providing for themselves independent of government theft and corruption, a criminal, often having most (if not all) the characteristics of a clinical psychopath, loser, parasite, threat to the entire tribe, evil in human form 

SARS-COV-2 - a virus never proven to exist in real time, a virus that only exists inside the TV screen and in the minds of the TV watchers, the primary illusion utilized in a fake and fabricated crisis (that never existed) designed to place the world population under trauma based mind control in order that the public comply with every tyrannical dictate shoveled into their fear-based psyches by the TV and other evil media hydras 

The COVID Vaccine - an injection of pure poison designed to have several fatal effects a) immediate death b) delayed yet premature death c) infertility d) cancer e) brain disruption f) overall all metabolic weakness leading to accelerated disease across the entire disease spectrum, the safest and most effective way to trick people into killing and crippling themselves, their communities and their own children 

Vaccine - an injection of poison and modern weapon of 5th generation warfare used against the public to weaken the population genetically over many generations, in order that they offered less resistance or question to the tyrannical new world takeover attempt that rolled out in 2020, the biggest medical fraud ever perpetrated on humanity, never proven in any way to improve immunity or resistance to disease in real world populations simply because that was never the design of these injections of poison, a major part of THE GREAT WEAKENING   

Conventional Media - a criminal organization that disguises itself as separate from the criminal forces that controls government and big business, a brainwashing based application proven to control the thoughts, behaviors, ideas and beliefs of any citizen who comes into contact with these criminal media sources in any way, shape or form, the opposite to trust worthy, pure evil, accomplice to state murder, theft and immorality of the highest order

Conventional Medical Doctor - receiver of the best marks in school because they were the best repeaters, unable to maintain any personal identity, self-worth or above average income outside our psychopathic system of poisoning, corruption, deceit and state sanction murder, a mind control actor in genocide that people have been brainwashed to trust, the high priest of poison, the high priest of a poison-based religion or murder, death, terror, pain, depression and suffering, a smiling assassin the wears a white butcher coat who can't think for themselves and who has cremated their morality, ethics, justice, care and compassion for a pay cheque

Safe and Effective - a psychological catch phrase tested as the most efficient way to make humans wait in line to poison themselves and their children voluntarily, also a phrase used behind closed doors of the ruling 1% in relation to the injection of poison being the safest and most effective way to murder the slave class by psychological manipulating the public to openly participate on their own deaths, injury or infertility.

Trust The Science - a phrase used by scared and lazy people,  in order to justify having no inner strength to resist or question an encroaching evil, a phrase used by people too lazy or weak to defend themselves or their children from state genocide, a phrase used by followers, people pleasers, citizens under TV mind control, children living in adult bodies or government staffers who have made a living out of going along to get along and being obedient to corrupt authority 

A Non Essential Business - a business that offers services or products that increases the strength and resistance factor to evil in the population, a business that is owned by regular community members who may resist tyrannical dictates of the new world order takeover attempt, not a business being supported by the evil cabal organizing the new world order takeover attempt, a business that will most likely not participate in the genocide and destruction of the public even if they were paid a king's ransom to do so (ex gyms, holistic clinics, locally owned companies)

An Essential Business - a business that offers services or products that decreases the strength or resistance factor to evil in the population, a business that is usually controlled invisibly by the group who is organized the new world order takeover attempt,  a business that will most likely conduct genocide-based activity against the public when called upon by the forces organizing the new world order takeover attempt, a business that is, has been and will keep destroying the people of the community (ex, weed shop, liquor store, fast food restaurants, government institutions, Walmart, Costco, corporate chain stores etc)

LONG COVID - after getting poisoned by a fake COVID vaccine, if you weren't in good health prior to the coerced (yet voluntary) poisoning, and if you become permanently injured by that poison laced injection , you were said to have acquired long COVID (when SARS-COV-2 has never been proven to exist in real world populations) - if you became sick for a shorter duration after submitting to the injection of poison, you were said to have COVID or a wide array of other individual disorders, which would never have anything to do with the injected poison - the poison never made you sick, it was always something else, which included a fabricated diagnosis of long COVID, which of course doesn't exist 

Build Back Better - a phrase used to excite the masses and move them toward a sales pitch regarding their ultimate destruction, in order that the society be built back better for the people organizing the worldwide cull. Building back better simply means all optional systems of slavery, genocide and trauma based mind control accelerates to the level of mandatory and unavoidable - the slave farm is built back better after the destruction of this herd of human cattle, to the point where the new herd of human cattle lose any point of historical reference and believe that their ultimate slavery is completely normal. 

15-Minute Cities - a concentration camp disguised as an urban utopia, where useless eaters are culled by the ruling 1% through starvation and various other forms of purposely organized deprivation, disease and medical euthanasia.  


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