Mind Control In The Music Industry

Apr 04, 2023
If you study mind control (like I've been doing for 15 years), nothing normal ever looks normal. The human mind is proven to be able to read words backwards, see smaller words inside other bigger words and react to symbols, patterns and themes more than the real words inside those symbols, patterns and themes.
For example, let's take the word Pepsi, if you take a mirror image of PEPSI and read it backwards, you will get the word isded or  ISDEAD. That's also very telling as Pepsi is a mega toxin, it's logo carries very ancient red and blue control colors (yes red and blue have a bigger impact for controlling you than other colors) and the word POP is derived from the ancient Egyptian God of the dead....Apop or Apep. That's where the words POP and PEPsi are derived from.....Apop and Apep, which is a dark Egyptian serpent God of the dead. The eye of the serpent can be seen in the Pepsi logo. The Pepsi logo is a serpent's eye? Take a look. Do you find that odd? I do.
If you study this stuff, you will see it everywhere, in some very weird ways. Let's take Don Mclean's American Pie. If you read PIE via mirror image, you get DIE. His famous song is also death centric with some very odd lyrics about....a widow bride, Marxism, Satan's spell, nothing but bad news in the newspaper, children screaming in the streets, church bells all broken, the father/son and holy ghost took a train for coast and gave up on America, massive drought (the levee was dry) fire as Satan's best friend, a stage, a sacrifice by fire, the mocking of God, Helter Skelter, war, a generation lost in space, an angel born in hell, lovers cried in the street and what appears to be the collapse of the US because no one could really stop entertaining themselves (the marching band wouldn't leave the field to let the football players back on to play the game) etc., etc.
Yes that's all in the song. Maybe you need to listen to the lyrics again. The words "die" or "died" are mentioned in the song 19 times and it's shown in mind control experiments that you only need 2 repetitions of a concept, theme or pattern to change a person's behavior or to cast a spell over them. How many people sing this song over and over again, casting a spell out into themselves, into others and into the electrical field.......without knowing what they're really singing, saying or doing? Are you being tricked to destroy yourself through food, drink, chemicals, song, action, behavior and thought? Wouldn't it be the easiest and most clever way to win a war......by tricking your enemy to destroy themselves? Have you ever considered that evil (as a force) is organizing this spell casting? Maybe it's time to take a second look at things, as today people are literally programmed to wait in line to destroy themselves with every toxin under the sun. Can our media be broadcasting an evil spell through sight and sound to trick us into ending our own lives, happiness and connection?
That's what black magic mind control is all about. Have you noticed Don McLean's one eye is covered up on his album cover, which is a symbol for a form of blindness that doesn't give a person "depth perception"....which means they can't see into things deeply because they only have 1 eye. Do you notice the flag on Don McClean's thumb, that the red appears dripping down like blood a bit? Not entirely but a bit. Are you aware that the star is an upside-down star if you turn his thumb the right way for the flag? A star pointed downward is a pentagram, the ceremonial star of Satan. The message here is to know that no one really understands exactly what's going on here (including me) but you also need to know that nothing you're being told by mainstream institutions is exposing our true reality in anyway.
For more information like this, get on my email list by emailing [email protected]. Listen to this song again and read the lyrics. This song literally describes the death of the US and the people there just partying and being confused as it happens https://bit.ly/3ZNFCEo - Sound familiar? Look out the window. What's happening right now? How did this guy know? Or is there something else going on that you may be missing?


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