Mind Control Evil Afoot - Baphomet and Satanic Death Imagery On The Rise

Mind control is about repetition throughout different media channels and at different times in your life. There's a part of the mind, called the subconscious (which the people ruling you know about of course) that's obsessed with repetition throughout the environment. Our bodies are hard wired for survival and our bodies catalogue everything we've ever heard or seen.... for our entire lives.
With that massive data bank, the subconscious is constantly looking for repetitive patterns, thoughts, ideas, behaviors etc..... because the more repetitive the cue, the safer it ranks to follow, act out, mimic, copy and emulate. This is where we get the saying, "monkey see, monkey do". What we see is what we'll be.
Repetitive symbols and behaviors etc. register as safe to adopt as our own because the subconscious understands that "what the bigger herd thinks, does and says" has to obviously represent the most repetitive cues being observed. There's safety in the bigger herd so we naturally act out the most repetitive content that we see and hear......even if we don't know we're seeing or hearing it consciously.
This repetition-based sorting system and us acting out that repetitive content is automatic, much like our heart beating ... which means it's operating all the time in the background, outside our control. The people ruling us know this and are always up ramping their satanic call/gang signs in all media...so that these ancient signs of evil become accepted and normalized in our society This picture was out of a magazine on Air Baltic and I will be letting them know that they've been conned AGAIN. I will also keep letting the public know what's really going on with this massive trauma-based hypnosis of the entire world. This man in the ad is a pied piper of doom and should never be mimicked. Real men don't get played like this. Call out any uninformed man who sells his soul to the system and provides negative role modeling for the entire tribe. Women stop dating, breeding with or giving men like this any attention....to mind control them back into proper male behavior.


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