Mind Control and Engineering a Gay Society

Feb 12, 2024

Before I'm presumed to be anti-gay, I would like to remind readers that I've been interviewed on an LBG podcast, in regards to me trying to save members of that community from the many forms of medical euthanasia heaped at them by government and media. You can listen to that podcast by clicking here.

You can listen to the podcast where I was interviewed by a member of the gay community, regarding me trying to save members of that community from a gay euthanasia/medical cull psy-op.....by clicking here. This will not be an anti-gay article or an anti-gay discussion. There are things the gay community needs to know, things that are the kept purposely from them. As with all my articles, this is about making the unseen seen..... for people who are curious about what's really going on down here, in our rapidly changing world.

Is mind control really that powerful? Can mind control actually make people become gay, when if left alone, they would not become gay? Let's review some concepts, which are purposely hidden from everyone, not just the gay community. Let's first take a look at many examples, which demonstrate the power of mind control to change human behavior. These examples clearly demonstrate the extreme power of mind control. Some of these displays of mind control will shock you to the core and that's not an exaggeration, merely placed out there to add effect to this article. Some of these videos are beyond shocking, even for me, someone who researches mind control for a living (especially example #8 below). Saying that, if you're new to this sort of material, all the videos below will mesmerize you in one way or another.

1. Mind control is used here to make someone forget their own name. (this mind control hack took 15 seconds)

2. Mind control is used here to make Howie Mandel (on American's Got Talent) do exactly what the mind controller wished. The mind controller also mind controlled the entire studio audience to do the exact same thing as what Howie Mandel was controlled to do. (this entire mind hack took 4 minutes)

3. Mind control is used here to make three teenagers (who believed they could never be placed under mind control) do the exact same thing, all at the exact same time. Putting them all under mind control took less than 4 minutes.

4. Mind control is used here to make an entire studio audience do the exact same thing, on the James Corden Show (the entire mind control hack took 3 minutes). James Corden was also placed under the exact from of mind control as his studio audience.

5. Mind control is used here to make people believe they are aliens. (took 2 minutes)

6. Mind control is used here to make people forget a movie they just watched. These people all finished watching the exact same movie only minutes earlier. (this mind control hack took 1 tenth of 1 second........yes 1 tenth of a second)

7. Mind control is used here to make 3 people commit murder on LIVE TV. (please pay attention here.....this hack took 2 hours for each person.....takes a little longer to get people to commit murder LIVE on video)

8. Mind control is used here to make a person believe that the world is ending and to make the mind control victim willingly participate in an end of world dystopian scenario, when it was all a scam, right from the get-go. (this mind control hack takes a much longer time, a couple of days)

9. Mind control is used here to make many "mind control victims" give the exact same answer to a question, which the mind controller asked them. Not only that, the mind controller wrote the people's answer down, long before the people even gave their answers. How did the mind controller know the exact answer each person gave, long before they even gave it? (this mind control hack took 2 minutes for each person)

These are only 9 examples of hundreds I could provide. In each mind control hack, regardless if it's listed above or not, the victim of mind control always believes that they're in full control of their behavior. They also believe that every behavior they're acting out comes from deep down inside their intellectual reservoir of logical options, for each life scenario they're facing at the time. As you can clearly see in each of the 10 examples above, everything the person or persons are doing, was actually placed into them by the mind controller. The mind control victim believes that they're in full control, while the mind controller understands concretely that they're actually in full control of the other person's behaviors, beliefs and ideas. In this way, the more someone believes they're immune to mind control, the easier they are to place under mind control, because mind control victims simply believe that they could never be hacked in this very simple way. Many people believe homosexuality is purely genetic and that is where the story of homosexuality ends. Social engineers and mind control experts want that hypothesis standing as long as possible. Homosexuality may be genetic but are simple mind control tactics, chemical tinkering and social engineering also factors?

Can mind control make someone murder another person LIVE on video? Absolutely, it's clearly documented in the 10-point example list above. Can mind control make people forget a movie that they just watched....via a mind control hack that only takes 1 tenth of 1 second? Absolutely. It's demonstrated clearly above. Can mind control make two entire studio audiences all do the same thing, all at the exact same time? Absolutely. That's documented above as well. Can mind control turn people gay? Absolutely not most people say, but is something going on here that's operating outside our field of view, like in all magic shows? What sleights of hand and sleights of mind are we missing here, if any? 

How exactly are the 10 mind control hacks listed above accomplished? It's more than simple really and I explain these simple mind control techniques in this presentation (click here). I also go a little deeper into the dark side of mind control in this presentation. (click here).

In regards to changing people's preferences, thoughts, ideas and beliefs overtime.....that process is called social engineering. There are actual groups called "think tanks" that decide what socially engineered agendas will be executed next in our world. This all occurs at the exact same time when the public believes that the same social engineered changes are natural or organic and that these changes reflect the positive progression of our society, as a whole. If you click here you can view a short video about this social engineering process, proving that the transformation of our society overtime is far from natural......but completely planned out long in advance. If you click here, there's another great scholar talking about the social engineering of our world and our daily reality.

With these 10 examples above, it's easy to see the power of mind control. It's also easy to observe that social engineering is indeed a strong force that's shaping our world every single day......but is there any evidence that social engineers have been using these simple mind control tactics to turn people gay? Oddly enough, there is. We have hard evidence. The evidence is irrefutable.

If we click here, we can visit a summary of what are called "The Richard Day Tapes". These recordings are from a meeting in 1969, where a "think tank" insider shared the upcoming agendas with 80 of this closest doctor friends, in order to try and protect them from what was coming. Now the summary is one thing and it's easier to learn from this short summary........but if you actually want to listen to the original recordings yourself, you can also do so by clicking here. As you can clearly hear in the summary of these recordings (or in the original recordings themselves) the social engineering end goal was to install a sexless/genderless society......with the first step on this long-term road being the goal of turning people gay and encouraging every other form of non-reproductive sexual activity under the sun. There are many other agendas discussed in these recordings, all of them coming true right now. All these agendas talked about in these recordings have been in full gallop over the last 30 years, if not longer.

We also have The Jaffe Memo. This memo was formulated by the infamous Planned Parenthood, a notorious eugenic and depopulation-based organization, driven by long term social engineering goals. And of course in the Jaffe Memo, we clearly see the socially engineered objective of "increased homosexuality" is front and center. Does it still sound like our current explosion of homosexuality is a natural progression or is it safe to assume that our social engineers can indeed mind control people to behave in any way that suits their long-term agendas? Maybe a little bit of both? Regardless, something more is occurring outside our field of view. 

Chemicals are also fingered in increasing gay tendencies within the general population. For example, in the famous Pottenger's Cat experiments, the cats fed unhealthy and unnatural diets started to develop increased homosexual activity, compared to healthy cats fed their natural healthy diets. Atrazine is one of the leading chemical pesticides sprayed on our non-organic produce worldwide. Atrazine was also found to turn test animals gay. When this was discovered, the scientist who was working with this data was viciously attacked by the company who produced Atrazine, which was also the company funding his research. Click here. Mercury is also proven to make animals gay and of course there's lots of mercury in people's teeth fillings today and many vaccines still contain dangerous levels of mercury. BPA, a common chemical in many food containers and products today, also forced male turtles to take on female behaviors. The lady at this added link believes another very dangerous toxic medical drug caused her to transition from male to female. Circumcision is also believed to have a positive correlation to homosexual behavior in men.  This medical doctor explains the link between vaccines, toxicity, inflammation and sexual confusion. In the end, all the data points to a direct link between increased poisoning, toxicity and resulting inflammation to increases in sexual confusion or direct increases in homosexual behavior. The mass poisoning of our world and our living environments have also been socially engineered. Our social engineers know exactly what they're doing. This is not a misunderstanding of the science, this is a weaponization of the known science against the general public. Our social engineers demand depopulation through every channel possible and of course one channel is what's being described here today.

There's also something in mind control called "flooding the zone". Flooding the zone simply involves using all arms of media and government to drown the public under one particular tsunami of mind control simultaneously. Today we are getting flooded with "everything gay" out of every media and government channel in our society. From gay pride parades to gay XXX sex scenes in movie productions (like Broke Back Mountain and Rocket Man) to the TD bank in Canada now offering gay businesses preferred financing packages to our children getting absolutely brainwashed in this direction, within government schools, the zone is certainly being flooded in one particular direction and one particular direction only......as our social engineers openly brag about in the Richard Day Tapes, in  the Jaffe Memo and in many other documents I haven't cited here today.

As was clearly demonstrated in my presentations on mind control linked above....humans mimic, copy, emulate and mirror the repetitive content of their environment, as a way to bond with the bigger herd, in order to find increased safety and security.  Not only are modern children getting drowned in a tsunami of repetitive content regarding "homosexual" behavior as the safe card to play in life, my entire generation was exposed to gay character after gay character in many Hollywood TV and movie productions.

This sort of repetitive content has a direct impact on human behavior, as is recounted here by Dr. Jerry Kroth, a psychology professor at Santa Clara University. From Jack on Will and Grace, to Jack Tripper on Three's Company (who had to pretend he was gay to live with Janet and Chrissy) and from the gay assistant in Beverly Hill's Cop to the gay army commander in Kevin Spacey's American Beauty.

Has our society been exposed to media imprints that far outweigh the true percentage of gay people in our real world populations? Has this been done purposely, in order to activate group pressure based genetic impulses in the public? If you do the research, we certainly have and if you research how repetitive based mind control can impact the behaviors of people exposed to that repetitive content, it's safe to assume that everything reviewed above is quietly in play.....based on the end goals of the social engineers terraforming our societal and cultural norms.  

What's even more odd is that when I was interviewed by a member of the LGB community, about my podcast designed to help the gay community avoid vaccine based euthanasia, the person interviewing me said he had used a particular supplement (called bio-medic by Puriumthat's designed to remove glyphosate from the body. Glyphosate appears as an endocrine disruptor, just like BPA and Atrazine, which have been proven to turn test animals gay. The gay man interviewing me actually said during the interview that he felt "less gay" and "more attracted to females" after taking this supplement that removed this toxic chemical glyphosate from his system. Straight from the horse's mouth as they say.

In the end, if you're gay, that's fine with me. What I do care about are social engineers turning people gay purposely (without their knowledge) through chemical intervention and simple mind control tactics, in accordance with their publicly stated long-term goals of depopulation and societal collapse. The group we're all dealing with have stated publicly that they want to turn the population gay....and that's exactly what's happening because that's exactly what they're doing. This doesn't discount the genetic aspects of this sexual preference but are our social engineers purposely activating these genetic changes purposely? When our social engineers write these goals down and publish them for all to see, it's no longer a conspiracy theory. What's also hidden are the very dark and devilish end goals of depopulation, various forms of medical genocide (including vaccine genocide models heavily pushed on the gay community in particular), removing sexual drive or sexual function altogether plus stealing the wealth and freedom of everyone, including gay populations. 

Whatever's happening, this evil group has admitted that this is only the beginning. They openly admit that only evil awaits everyone, regardless of what flag they're flying. As I recounted in the podcast referred to at the beginning of this article, the group we're dealing with despise the gay community potentially more than any population and our social engineers only pay lip service to the gay community, in order to accomplish these dark long-term goals. When the gay community becomes surplus to requirement, they'll also get flushed into the sands of time. Gay community members are preferred targets for the "you will own nothing and be happy goals" of the WEF, because gay households have more stored wealth than average households. The people ruling all of us intend to steal all the wealth of the gay community, no exceptions. The gay community have been baited into loving government, trusting government and swooning over the big box institutions that will eventually destroy the gay community farther down the line. Evil spares no one and uses everyone. This is why we all need to start paying closer attention here. We're all in this together, against this one common enemy. We don't need to fight each other, which is one of their primary divide and rule tactics. We need to focus on the hidden forces behind media and government, because they intend grave harm for us all. 

Thank you for reading this article. 


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