Mercury and Mind Control

Sep 17, 2023

There's several videos linked in this shorter article, which can explain quite a bit about poison and mind control. Poison, especially poison that can disturb or destroy brain function, is proven to increase confusion in any person who was poisoned. Confusion is a primary ingredient for effective mind control, I discuss this fact during my mind control presentation to the EU Parliament in Brussels, which I gave in May 2023. Click here to see that 10-minute presentation. Confusion upregulates all forms of mind control. 

The video embedded below talks about older felt hats and how they were waterproofed with mercury. A very clever analysis, as this researcher believes what I believe........that this mercury application near the brain of the innocent victim, would have caused a form of brain damage that only increases the efficiency of mind control. I've been talking about issues like this for many years. Our society is purposely drowning in poisons because a full worldwide mind control agenda is afoot. 

For people who don't understand the exact mechanism, by which poisons causes an increase in mind control within an innocent victim.......I describe the exact neurological pathways involved with this poison/increased mind control process in this particular interview, where I was asked in depth questions about coffee and caffeine. Yes, caffeine also causes a very effective form of brain damage, which increases the ease by which a person is placed under mind control as well. Mercury of course would cause a much more severe form of brain damage and therefore would facilitate a much more severe form of mind control.

Most people are in fact so poisoned today, within the modern world, that placing them under the deepest forms of mind control with ease, is a foregone conclusion. This is all organized on purpose of course and isn't a chance happening or a misunderstanding of the science. Our mind control and poisoning is a weaponization of the known psychology, regarding what's needed to run a success human honey farm. Our media and government mind control us easier, after they teach us that poison will get us closer to an advertised proverbial heaven. It all sounds good, so many humans go along to get along, without a second thought to the claims being made. Our poisoning and control through that poison isn't an accident. Poisoning the population into submission is a very old and basic chapter in the human farming manual. How to mind control and poison the population into various states of obedience are the big secrets passed down generation to generation, inside what we know as secret societies. Inside the human farming manual, we are the human cattle and they are the human farmers. This very small ruling group keep us brainwashed, indoctrinated and poisoned as the primary mechanisms of our enslavement over the millennia. 

This is also the same reason why the social engineers of our society have normalized mercury teeth fillings, which have also been proven to cause massive brain damage. It would appear that mercury teeth fillings re-started the mind control agenda, where the mercury laced top hats left off. As I have stated in over 200 interviews thus far, our culture runs on 2 things..........1) mind control and 2) poisons that upregulate mind control. 

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