LIVE Talk On Brainwashing, Mind Control and Propaganda

Dec 01, 2022

In order for a few to rule the many, the few must control the minds of the many. The few must legitimize and normalize the tyrannical modes of enslavement that either covertly or overtly keep the masses under control. That's where brainwashing, mind control and propaganda come into play. Government is a Latin word that literally means mind control, so nothing is hidden, as this open secret parades in plain sight. Govern is Latin for "to control": and ment or mentis is Latin for "the mind". Government means mind control literally. For government to exist, the minds of the public must be convinced that they are unable to rule themselves and that someone else ruling over them (in tyrannical ways like stealing their money and controlling their behaviors, thoughts and ideas) has certain fringe benefits for the population.

That is where government starts but that's nowhere near where government ends, in regard to the behavior modification tactics that exist to control the masses. The very foundation of all mind control, brainwashing and propaganda is's repetition. In this video below, is a prime example of the simple repetition designed to implant a script into the collective consciousness of the public at large. This repetitive message based brainwashing is simple, but it actually occurs every single day, as the media is designed to control the repetitive content that the public sees and hears........and therefore the media controls what a population believes. 

What's also disturbing is that although brainwashing and mind control tactics are known to be extremely effective at making people believe one narrative only (while ignoring any reality or evidence to the contrary) the US government (under Barrack Obama) legalized that these propaganda tactics could be weaponized against the American people......even though there were existing laws on the books making it illegal for the government to use mind control against the population. You can read about this by clicking here.

Now if you think you're too intelligent to be put under mind control or various forms of brainwashing, that's perfect.........because people like that are proven to be the easiest to control with propaganda. Here's a prime example of an entire studio audience put under a simple form of mind control and brainwashing. The host of the show also succumbs to the brainwashing, as does the famous of which is Harry Connick Jr. 

Plenty of propaganda is simply based on paying other various "actors" to lie to you and framing the entire scripted production as news or scientific studies, which is easily admitted to by this reporter, who comes clean about getting paid to lie to the public. Unfortunately, he was murdered right after this admission because lying to the public controls the public Controlling the public means you can manipulate them at will financially as well. Propaganda, mind control and brainwashing are a very profitable business. If the public ever found out the truth, the people coordinating the mind control and brainwashing would be hung in the streets, in less than 24 hours.

If you're looking to learn all about brainwashing, mind control and propaganda.........a system of control used against you and your family every single day (purposely by government and media) this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of. Come join an empowered tribe of like minds on Dec 18th at 2 PM EST. If you can't make it LIVE, the recording will be sent to you as well. Solutions will also be tabled where you can protect yourself and your family from the media and government mind control, which is designed to make you diseased, dis-empowered, depressed, dysfunctional, disoriented and bankrupt on every level imaginable. I have given 9 other talks as well regarding everything "mind control and self sabotage" You can purchase this one talk I am giving on Dec 18th (On Mind Control, Brainwashing and Propaganda) by CLICKING HERE You can also purchase my all-access program and get every talk I've ever given, simply CLICK HERE


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