Let's Connect These 5 Dots And See What We Get....

Jan 06, 2023
The mainstream news is there to make you believe that everything is unrelated. If you know how to connect the dots it's easy to see that most everything going on is all related to one very dark and odd goal. For example, lets take 5 things that appear random and unrelated. 1) mRNA injectable medicines 2) pronouns 3) the current legal system 4) genetically modified patent laws and 5) the phrase "you will own nothing and be  happy". I'm sure the average person will look at these 5 items and see no connections. Let me show you how little time is needed to make some very important connections, in order to see the big picture.
The current legal system only protects people to own property and to possess certain key human rights if they're a human woman or human man. Our current legal system offers no defense of basic human rights unless you're a human man or human woman. If certain forces can trick some of the public to place official pronouns onto official legal paper work, they will lose all protections and rights under our current legal system. If mRNA injectable medicines can indeed alter DNA to something non human, you also lose your most basic human rights and protections under our current legal system. If the injectable medicines also contain patented GMO material, this not only means that you lose all protections and rights under our current legal system, you're also owned by a corporation as well.........because all patented GMO material is the property of the corporation that patented it, even if said GMO material can be found inside of you. This is why they're so eager to collect your DNA as well through testing and genetic heritage sites, which aren't what you think they are of course. They're compiling a registry of people who don't have traditional human DNA. So if you currently own land, bank accounts, retirement savings, pensions, stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other assets......it could be taken away from you (stolen) by a very aggressive crime syndicate and if you're flashing a pronoun on official paperwork, are found to have patented GMO material floating inside you or non human DNA (because your DNA has been altered by a medicine your TV told you to take under false pretenses) you can't access our current legal system to find any legal recourse to the theft of everything you ever worked for........because the current legal system only protects human men and human women. We end with the last connection "you will own nothing and be happy". But you won't really be happy with any of it (even though you may indeed own nothing in the end) because you were tricked into a massive ambush of biblical proportions.
See how much fun connecting the dots can be. It's not a skill that requires too much intelligence but it can certainly make your life better. If you have a hard time connecting the dots, I suggest thinking like a clinical psychopath and that certainly can help you connect the dots much quicker. Think like the people who are organizing all this and you'll see the big picture much quicker.


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