Nov 18, 2021

Self sabotage is an internal behavior program, running inside our subconscious mind, which makes us engage in activities that only decrease what we need to be healthy, abundant and happy. Self sabotage of course is very common. We see it every day. What we don’t see every day is information and knowledge designed to help people overcome their self sabotage.

Cancer is also a self sabotage based issue. For example, there are certain habits that build cancer in our body. Those habits are obviously unhealthy but we engage in them anyway. Anytime we engage in activities that make our life worse but we can’t stop ourselves, we’re engaging in self sabotage. Oddly enough self sabotage is a very close cousin of mind control, brainwashing and what psychology titles “behavior modification.” Humans have programmable brains and the programs that run our behavior can be modified for “positive outcomes” but they can also be modified for negative outcomes. When we hurt ourselves daily but we can’t stop ourselves from doing it……it means we’ve already had our mental hard drives hacked by negative brain washing, negative mind control and negative behavior modification. It doesn’t have to be like this and we can indeed change at anytime

In the end, there are thousands of unhealthy habits people still engage in and those unhealthy habits make them sick and give them cancer overtime. Cancer used to infect 1 in 30 people in 1900. Now cancer infects 1 in 2. Not only do various unhealthy habits cause cancer in our bodies, the same programming that drives our unhealthy habits can get us running into the conventional medical system demanding cancer protocols that are proven conclusively to cause additional disease and cancer in our bodies. These mental programs, which operate in our subconscious mind, (placed there purposely by government, media, medicine and science) are designed to make us sick and keep us sick……until we die a painful premature death. This means the best of us is lost forever.

This doesn’t have to be the case and we can turn this cycle around anytime we wish. If we can address what causes cancer and if we can combine that knowledge with the process of overcoming our own disease based self sabotage (the brain washing that makes us live out self abusive lifestyles) we can walk effortlessly into our best lives.

My name is Jason Christoff and I’m a self sabotage coach. I not only speak around the world on overcoming self sabotage, I also run an international self sabotage coaching school to certify healers in the fine art of self sabotage coaching. I know what it takes to reverse self sabotage in only a couple of hours. I specialize in brain washing you to success, instead of brain washing you to become a human mess…….which government, media, science and medicine are famous for. My friend Paul Leendertse is a world renowned cancer expert, author of the best book ever written on reversing and preventing cancer titled… “The Root Cause of Cancer“.

We’ve now completed our reversing and preventing cancer event and you can instant access to it today. Paul’s talk was absolutely amazing regarding the emotional reasons behind breast cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the throat and every other cancer as well. The solutions he tabled for reversing and preventing cancer were mind blowing. You’ll get everything you need regarding what it takes to reverse and prevent cancer, not only from a cancer perspective (Paul’s job) but also from a self sabotage perceptive. (my job) My talk is now also complete. Both talks have been packaged together into one great program. Below is what you will get with this amazing program….

  • you get live and recorded access to myself and Paul explaining how to reverse and prevent cancer
  • My talk addresses how to overcome disease based self sabotage, with a focus on cancer. Paul’s talk addresses the root causes of cancer, which is our emotions….and he also tables the very easy solutions
  • you get access to both of us for questions after the lectures are over via private email (we are real people who are here to support you, as you take back your power)
  • you get a PDF copy of Paul’s best selling book “The Root Cause of Cancer” (worth $39)
  • you get my best video lecture ever recorded on how to overcome all forms of self sabotage (worth $99)
  • you get healthier recipes, a healthy living guide and a healthy eating guide from myself (worth $99)
  • you get a beginner workout program to help keep your blood sugar in check (because high blood sugar and cancer are directly linked) (worth $49)
  • you get a BRAND NEW UPDATED article I’ve written titled What Would I Do If I Had Cancer (to be delivered to all participants March 27th 2021)

It’s time to take action. There is a discounted rate for this program being offered for the next couple of weeks. CLICK THIS LINK TO ENROLL NOW AND TO GET YOUR DISCOUNTED SEAT. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me personally at anytime at [email protected]. If you can’t get through on that email (which is rare) you can also email me at [email protected]. Thank you for investing in your health. You only get one you. Lead by example. Grow your power. Live a better life!

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