Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Oct 03, 2023

I had someone I know call me. This person only makes contact when he needs money. His money programming (money blueprint) is, "when I need money, I go ask other people for it". It's hard to respect that kind of programming when my personal money blueprint is, "when I want more money or something that costs money, I go out and offer value and earn what I want."

In our government run school system, which is the same in most parts of the modern world (for a very particular reason) this is what they teach every child. Each child is taught to be dependent on others. Children are taught to pose this one question when they graduate from this disempowering and soul destructive structure of perpetual servitude, "who is going to boss me around and give me money for being an obedience slave?" Job applications are requests that most people hand deliver, which mirror this programming............"someone boss me around and give me money".

Offering value to others and demanding a set fee in return, as a concept, can't even be processed in the average government school graduate's psyche because that idea has been incinerated by the poverty programming indoctrination our government (Prussianschool system is famous for. Eventually the indoctrinated citizens become so lazy (in most cases) that they cut that request in half, where only the "give me money" request remains............and they forget the working part. Not only does government schooling make people incapable of doing anything but being a dependent, currently the government school system has turned our children into card carrying communists, who want all the trappings of hard work.....without doing any of the hard work. All we get now is indoctrinated gov-love slaves saying, "give me money". Graduates today have very little or zero intention of working to generate the money they're constantly requesting. 

So this guy I know calls me and acts out his money programming. He has called me in this way over the years, when he's been in the best of health, looking for various handouts. This time he has a new story to add into the narrative. A story that is now far too common. He tells me he has magically had a stroke and a heart attack out of nowhere. He can no longer work and beg other people to boss him around, so obviously given his programming, his options are limited......since he doesn't have any practice in supporting himself or bossing himself around. All I've done my entire life is boss myself around and have never asked anyone for money before offering something of higher value in return. Hard working people don't enjoy the energy of dependent adults who act, talk and think like children. I'm hard working, He isn't. I'm an adult. He's a child living in an adult body.

I ask the obvious question in this day and age when someone mentions sudden cancers, strokes, auto immune disorders, sudden deaths or heart attacks...........did you take the fake COVID vaccine? And of course I got "YES" as the answer. I make some quick calculations in my head and decline his request. I can't bring myself to give him any money. This is why. 

When this man was partying, I was researching and offering value to society. When this man was watching TV, I was researching and offering value to society. When this man was smoking weed, I was researching and offering value to society. When this man was walking around handing out resumes, begging people to boss him around, I was researching and offering value to society. When he was goofing around, driving fake feel-good emotions into his nervous system with toxic chemicals and doing what was easy (instead of doing what was right)........I was researching and offering value to society. 

Because I sacrificed years of giggling and fucking around, I've known for 30 years that all vaccines are toxic and that none of them offer any increase in immunity. I know the exact group we're dealing with, and I know they are ancient pirates, thieves and murderers...........killing entire nations throughout history for the purposes of stealing the public's wealth. Because he partied his life away, he didn't learn any of this, and now he wants me to support him because he still wants to live as a perpetual infant.......because growing up and taking full responsivity for himself is too hard, it takes too much time and it's too painful. He wants all the trappings of hard work and sacrifice (my hard work and sacrifice) without doing any of the hard work or sacrifice. Your typical left wing communist indoctrination that is destroying our entire was always the design.

This isn't the only person in this boat. This massive group of perpetual infants have been manufactured in this way, where their need to stay forever children keeps them as the ultimate cannon fodder for the evil groups euthanizing them today. So, is ignorance bliss? Is believing what the TV and government tells you, (regardless of how illogical) the real path to happiness and satisfaction in this realm? Of course not. Ignorance isn't bliss. Far from it. This guy has 3 kids, he can't work now and his wife as well is trapped in the same programming of "someone boss me around and I will do it....if you throw me a couple of shillings". Their fate is sealed. It's over for them.... unless a maturation miracle happens and that maturation miracle rips through the entire family in only months. What are the chances they turn this around? Pretty slim given the government school system and corrupt media programmed most people to be exactly like this.

The only way out of this for this guy is the same way out of this for the rest our society. Our society needs to hit rock bottom and that forgone conclusion is coming for everyone. After that, enough pain will be generated for people to finally grow up and put down their childish ideas, childish living models and infantilized dependence on other people for their protection, livelihood and safety. It's time to grow the fuck up and that starts with some very basic understandings in this life. Injecting poison won't make you healthier. The government represents an ancient crime syndicate who murders its citizens on regular intervals, in order to steal all their wealth. Our ancient social engineers organize all our societies like an ancient honey farm, creating fake living quarters for us (that we call cities), we generate the honey (our wealth) and then this ancient group murderers us and steals our honey.

Yes, lots of people are beyond fucked out there right now but that's what you get for living inside a child-based illusion for so long, when there's so many obvious red flags that indicate we're being lied to on every front imaginable. Staying a child means still believing these lies, simply because believing the lies feels better than facing those lies for what they really are. Growing up means dealing with the pain of knowing it's all a lie. It doesn't matter who you have 2 choices right now. Stay a child and die a painful premature death at the hands of this ancient crime syndicate or grow up and organize the painful take back of our culture. There is no door #3. Two options. Pain with zero upside, dying at the hand of a corrupt government. Pain with massive upside, fighting for what is good, right and moral. Child or adult. The child adults will die. The real adults will have a chance at living and securing their children's futures. Enjoy your freedom of choice and make your selection.

If you're a real adult, do adult things and dedicate to tribal me if you have a problem. If you want to live as a forever child and suck on my tit because you refuse to grow up......don't call me. This is Jason Christoff reporting live from planet mental asylum. 

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