Introduction for Dr. Mark McDonald - Interview #2 on The Jason Christoff Podcast

Sep 15, 2023

Introduction for Dr. Mark McDonald..........

"Dr. Mark McDonald is a leader and alpha to the truest sense of the word, breaking ranks when the tribe faced evil and using his voice to educate his tribe members, regarding the grave threats they were now facing. He's an author of two books, “The United States of Fear - How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis” and his most recent book, “Freedom From Fear - A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery”. Dr. Mark McDonald is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors and a psychiatrist from Los Angles California, where large tracts of the population have been mind controlled to embrace media and government as modern cult religion. Dr. McDonald has a substack page titled DissidentMD and a website of the same name Here you can find more information on the extremely powerful work Dr. McDonald is doing. He also hosts a very powerful podcast titled informed dissent. A true hero is often marked by his dedication to improving the lives of the innocent. Dr McDonald has dedicated plenty of his energy to making sure children can operate in our world without fear and without an oxygen depriving face mask. His efforts in regards to protecting the children from masking can be found at Dr. McDonald dedicates his life to doing what's right instead of what’s easy and won’t stand for the destruction of the society in which he lives, regardless of any other factor. If you’re looking for a human to mimic in order to learn how to act in this very trying time, I believe Dr. McDonald is as good a role model as they come  Evil runs very quickly from Dr. McDonald’s razor sharp tongue for fear of being cut into a million pieces at a moment’s notice. He is highly censored by the evil forces who are now openly attempting to take over our society because he is everything evil fears. Dr. Mark McDonald is like Gandalf The Gray in the film Lord of the Rings, looking evil square in the eye, protecting the children and stating loudly…..YOU SHALL NOT PASS. Dr. McDonald is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and he's all out of bubble gum. ALPHA, LEADER, ROLE MODEL, HERO TO THE PEOPLE.....Dr. Mark McDonald……….. it’s an absolute pleasure to have you on The Jason Christoff Podcast today. Thank you for everything you’re doing and everything you are… welcome to the show."

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