Public's Illogical COVID Response Fueled By Loneliness, Depression and Disconnection

Nov 01, 2023

Mattias Desmet will be talking in Romania (along with myself and so many others) Nov 18th and 19th, at the Romanian Palace of The Parliament. Below is a video where Professor Desmet discusses with Tucker Carlson the necessary ingredients to the hypnosis known as Mass Formation Psychosis. A psychosis is a clinical diagnostic term (used in psychology or psychiatry) to describe when a person believes whole heartedly in something that isn't true. If you believe in an illusion, you are known to be psychotic.

Anyone who did believe in COVID or anything related to COVID was engaging in a mass psychosis delusion, because of course nothing about COVID was, nada, it was all fake, no exceptions. I also did a podcast in the middle of the no-demic, explaining the mass psychosis, which was based on nothing more than propaganda, mind control, brainwashing, group pressure plus various reward and punishment systems. These very simple reward and punishment systems obviously rewarded compliance in the psychosis and punished anyone applying rational thought or logical analysis to the situation. Although it's hard to pigeonhole Tucker Carlson (in regards to where his allergenics truly lie) this interview is one of the best given by Professor Mattias Desmet.  

Early in the interview above, Professor Mattias Desmet explains the key ingredients to placing billions of people under the mass hypnosis known as mass formation psychosis. In order for a hurricane to form over the ocean, the ocean water has to be 26 degrees or higher (up to a certain depth in the water) or the hurricane won't form because the key ingredient is absent. It is the heat of the water that power the hurricane. The higher the heat, the greater the energy source potential and the bigger a hurricane can get. The same is true for making billions of people believe in a crisis, which only existed on the TV screen, and nowhere else. The key ingredients for this type of mass COVID hypnosis, which made people line up to inject themselves with a very dangerous medical concoction........was depression, loneliness and disconnection. Those 3 factors acted as the energy source for the mass delusional psychosis. In my opinion, our society was primed purposely for decades in advance, in order that the fuel source for the COVID psychosis was extremely plentiful. 

As Dr. Desmet explains, 40% of the general public (in the highly effected areas.....mostly the prior white Anglo strong holds) were already depressed to some level before the COVID operation was launched worldwide. 60% of the population worked what they classified as "bullshit jobs", which lacked meaning and purpose. Equal percentages of the population listed themselves as not having any meaningful relationships in their lives. These factors always lead to a free-floating anxiety in the population, coupled with extreme frustration and directionless aggression.....just bursting to get out.

These are the key precursors and fuel source for rallying the public into a rich illusion-based lather, where they finally get their base emotional needs met (which they weren't getting satisfied inside the current society) by going along with the mass delusional psychosis. Those were the factors driving our friends and family toward the light at the end of the tunnel, which was obviously a freight train to those who weren't as depressed, lonely or disconnected. This is also why I teach entrepreneurship in all my higher-level coaching programs. When you work for yourself, doing what you enjoy, the chances that you're going to be lonely, disconnected or depressed are much lower.......and therefore you're much less likely to fall for the next psychological operation, which of course is well on its way. (regardless of what point in time you're reading this article, the people in power maintain their power by destroying yours, that's what all these psychological operations are about......the removal of your power through mind control. brainwashing, propaganda and psychological manipulation)

As Professor Desmet also recounts, the higher the education a person has, the more likely they are to buy into the mass delusion, as the highest educated in our society often do work the most mundane, empty and meaningless jobs and therefore have some level of depression due to their directionless existences. The schooling process in general is also famous for rewarding compliance and group conformity, while punishing logical and rational analysis.....that ends with the person stepping away from the herd. In school you master at doing what you're told. When you work for yourself, you master at doing what you tell yourself what to do. There's a big difference. 

All these factors combined into the perfect storm, where lonely, depressed and directionless people suddenly found meaning in life again, rock solid solidarity and hero level rewards for simply going along with a narrative made of pure wind. If we take even a closer look at these ingredients, we do have to start asking the question as to how old the plan for the COVID psychological operation really was and if the last 30 years of "depression propaganda", was all planned well in front load the mandatory ingredients for mass delusion psychosis, into our society. This 30 years of depression propaganda leads humans to believe that they're broken, when obviously it's the societal design that's broken......and broken purposely, according to my research. Oddly enough one primary side effect of anti depression medication is increased depression, which begs the same sort of complex are these psychological operations, in regards to lining up the necessary infrastructure decades before such a planned agenda is launched at an uninformed public. 

Family instability, cell phones, television sets, unhealthy lifestyles, smaller families and the abuse of many common psychoactive drugs in our society (all correlated to increased loneliness, depression and disconnection) were either coincidental factors laying the groundwork for the success of the COVID psychological operation..........or these were acts of inverted social engineering planned decades in advance, to place the public exactly where the ruling group wanted them to be both mentally and spiritually. To me the fuel that drives mass delusional psychosis was purposely engineered into the societal fabric for a very long time. This is a very ancient group we're dealing with and they've been organizing similar events for much longer than you would ever believe. Your misleaders on the screen aren't who they say they are.

Just how damaging were these fake COVID vaccines? Simply follow Dr. William Makis daily, in regards to the fatality and injury rates of the people who couldn't see past the fabricated COVID stage show. What's even more disturbing is that depression, loneliness, disconnection and other factors that only increase all of the above........are in fact higher now than they were in 2020. This means the public is ready once again to buy into the next mass delusional psychosis. That propaganda based brainwashing campaign could be any item on the World Economic Forum's wheel of fortune........a fake climate change agenda, a false flag war (looks like that one is under way currently), a controlled demolition of the economic system, mass public shooting.......whatever it takes to keep the public in a constant state of fear, panic, terror and compliance. Your solutions are simple. Educate. Increase connection. Make a living doing something you enjoy. Get healthy and develop healthy relationships. This is exactly what I focus on, as solutions, in all my work. This is Jason Christoff. Thank you for listening. If you want the world to get better, you need to get better. It's that simple. No one is coming to save you. It's just you.


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