How Much Of Your Life Is Based On Mind Control?

Apr 04, 2023
Let's take feminism for example. The ideas behind the original feminism movement and concept were invented by a certain controlling/wealthy family within the United States. This family unfortunately has no loyalty to the United States and has actually vowed to destroy the very foundations of the free world and free market. This is what motivated them to invent the feminist movement. The goal was several fold, all revolving  around removing the cultural foundations of the free world.
The first goal was to remove women from the home, so the children could be sent to brainwashing centers earlier (schools). Once there, anti-freedom based doctrines could be implanted earlier into the children, designed to destroy the social fabric of the culture. The second objective was to make women loath men, as to reduce reproduction and to destroy the family unit. Separating women from the strong male forces of the planet was also very likely to end with women finding a surrogate male figure in corporations or government. Once women were drawn to find safety in government or big business, they would a) have less children b) spend less time with the children they had c) send their children to brainwashing camps (schools) earlier d) develop health destroying addictions because they disconnected themselves from their source of cosmic wisdom e) help build the anti-freedom apparatus designed by their controllers via their new jobs in the system and f) increase the tax revenue that was needed to fund the building of the control grid around them.
As I see this happening in real time, with many women without children, working hard, addicted, unhappy and ramming their children into the brainwashing camps at earlier and earlier ages.......I don't think most would ever believe that mind control could be something that could shape their entire lives without their knowledge.........but it does and it has. That's the power of mind control. If you're looking to learn more about mind control, social engineering, brainwashing, psychological manipulation and behavior modification please get on my private email list by contacting [email protected].


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