How It Went and How It's Going Now

Mar 27, 2024

The media tells you everything that you really need to know. You just need to dig a little bit to get the real story. In 2021, just as the fake COVID vaccine was rolling out hard core and the gov/media was promising fame and fortune to anyone who suckered others into the soft kill ambush, we see these 4 easily manipulated people in Australia below take the bait. Just do what you're told they thought and bingo, bango, career is on easy street.......or so they all thought. How bad could it possibly be they said to themselves.

Satan knows how to bait a trap. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn't exist. Believing in evil and the devil (and the death, misery and chaos that evil thrives on) is so last year, or at least so last generation. Believing in evil and the devil is for losers......or is it?

Having an entire society not believe in evil, is what helps bait the trap initially. Having an entire society believe that they're too smart and too advanced to ever be fooled, makes the bait hard to resist for the heavily domesticated urban humans. Having the latest generation believe that they're the razor's edge of the evolutionary sword....means that the evil wolf bathes in the blood of the ignorant, as the trap is designed to catch billions asleep at the wheel. These 4 urban and domesticated humans below, detached from their cosmic and cellular wisdom, took the bait and also invited as many people into the trap as would follow them. They got right in bed with the evil, got paid and as my friend Ricky often says......."if you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas." What these 4 got was much worse than fleas of course. 

So that's how it went (above) in Sept of 2021. But the question it's going now? Those 4 got driven onto center stage, in order to endorse "the right thing to do at the time" yet it was painfully obvious to anyone who had even one living brain cell left on duty that evil was afoot....right out of the gate. It was also equally obvious that the scent of something extremely foul was floating in the air for decades prior as well. The proverbial deal with the devil was made with these 4 (and many more like them). Of course God watches over all these transactions and fulfilled contracts.....sending rewards to people who walk the right-hand path and sending punishments to people who take the easier road, known as the left-hand path. People who walk the right-hand path do what's right instead of what's easy. People who walk the right-hand path allow morality and ethical reflection to guide their ships in life. People who walk the left-hand path live by one self-gratifying and self-centered based motto..... "me, me, me, each day, every day". They live by one mantra..."if it benefits me, I will do it, even if it destroys others"......letting their subjective morality guide their daily actions, thoughts and beliefs. So, how's it going now for these 4 who made the proverbial deal with the devil? Let's take a look.




See, it's been one massive con job the entire time...a set up and an ambush for the ages. According to Denis Rancourt, not only was there no pandemic (it was all fake), the COVID injection has now killed more than 17 million people worldwide and other estimates place the injury tally at close to 2 billion. Billion with a B. But don't worry, the government loves you and the injected poison is perfectly safe and murdering and injuring the slave class. No one goes to jail when you cripple or murder it's safe and effective for the evil forces behind it, not so safe and effective for the TV watchers. 

A con job so big, it's rare for people to have the brain power or bandwidth to comprehend the scope of the con or the evil behind it. God's doing a face palm, heaven is a ghost town and the devils are here. 3 out of these 4 promoters of the poison are already showing signs of their vampire bite, organized by the greatest trickster the world has ever known. Let's hope Tim Minchin makes it out unscathed but really, what are the chances of that? Hoping for the best for these 4. Once you inject the poison, you can't get it out. Big lessons learned by people who believed they were too smart and too evolved to be fooled. 


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