How All My Divorces Brought Forth My Best Life

Jan 01, 2022
I divorced weekly alcohol because I was no longer going to hurt myself by my own hand. I was also not going to ignore the role alcohol plays in ruling and sedating the masses. I let go of the fake chemical happiness and set sail to seek what's real. I stopped decorating an empty life that I didn't like with the fake feel good emotions of alcohol and I started to build the life I wanted. It was that simple. My dream life is well underway. I did it and so can you.
I divorced narcotics because I was no longer going to sedate myself to reality. I was also not going to be less than I was capable of just to fit in and make other people feel comfortable. Everyone loves you when you're a human mess, because you don't threaten anyone when you accomplish nothing in life. Being "better" makes some people uncomfortable. I decided to be better anyway. With every step skyward in success that I take, more and more crabs at the bottom of the crab bucket fire their arrows up at me to try and slow me down. I divorced all the haters as well. I'm not going back trying to make underachievers feel comfortable about their short comings, by trimming my own tall poppy. If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes. Some people are afraid to make a move because being afraid is all they know. I lead anyway and bring that fear with me to the top of the mountain, in order to say "see, it's not so bad it?". Don't' wait until everything's perfect before you start living your best life or you'll trap yourself in a jail cell of your own making. 
I divorced performance enhancing drugs (steroids) because I was no longer going to destroy my body and pretend that I loved myself. I was also not going to change my body to fit into a cult based on violence, domination, fear, war, self-hate and intimidation. I'm no longer interested in living at the top of the corrupt pyramid by poisoning myself to look a certain way. Not only did looking artificial attract the wrong people into my life as karmic blow back for being so weak, my soul was crying on the inside because it knew I was here to accomplish much bigger things. I turned that corner long ago. Divorce filed and we've been moving forward ever since. The body the creator gave me is just fine. Steroids are what's called "a spiritual bypass", where you're looking to get something that you don't even deserve to have. If you want something in life, you need to work for it and only then will you be happy when you finally attain it. 
I divorced the belief that the government will freely pass important knowledge onto me. With so many massive societal failures, I knew lies were being taught instead of truth. I conducted independent research and discovered that I was correct. True intelligence is about the ability to dream and then to make those dreams a reality. No one is going to acquire that skill from the government because government is based on enslaving the public and no slave master is going to empower their slaves. In fact government exists because it continually dis-empowers the public on every level possible. I self educated and broke up with government long ago because having a relationship with a psychopathic ruling force that wishes disease, dysfunction and disempowered for you and your entire something that offers ZERO benefit and only detriment. In 2024 the corrupt government is now trying to force me back into a dysfunctional relationship, by saying that I can only leave my house, work, enjoy my life and talk to my friends, if I do exactly as this psychopathic ruling group dictates. How about GO FUCK YOURSELF. Once a liar, always a liar. Once a psychopath, always a psychopath. Good riddance you crazy government bastards, I'm moving on without you. Divorce complete and abusive relationship OVER!
I also divorced nonorganic, processed, junk food. Why would I spend my hard earned money poisoning myself? I decided I wanted to explore my full potential, even though our society highly discourages this pursuit. If you do what everyone else is doing, you get what everyone else is getting. I looked around at what everyone else was getting and decided that those mediocre outcomes would be a fate worse than death itself. Sure, you'll get more cheers from the crowd of underachievers when you're mediocre, below average and disempowered........but that's still not a good enough reason to avoid being your absolute best.
I divorced the idea that repeating what the government and media tells me, equates to intelligence. I was no longer going to be fooled into thinking that I was an intelligent person for repeating and not thinking. We weren't sent to this earth to repeat the lies of known liars and live out miserable existences, trying to make a cozy nest inside this lie based control grid. Government schooling tried to teach me to tell the right lie, to the right person, at the right time, for the right pay cheque or the right emotional reward. Sure you'll have an easier journey through Satan's realm when you tell the right lie for the right reward but why turn your back on an infinite relationship with truth (the creator) for a brief human experience lived in a miserable way. Myself and the lie based illusion have parted ways.
I divorced coffee and regular caffeine consumption from my life because caffeine is proven the most dangerous sedative narcotic on the planet. Caffeine is a destroyer of dreams because it's proven to decrease the activation of a part of the brain that's absolutely essential for CHANGE. Why would our social engineers drown us in a chemical that stops a person from changing? I already know the answer. The answer is obvious. All the answers are obvious, as are the solutions. Divorce papers filed and divorce complete. Thanks for the slave juice offer, no thanks now.......and no thanks always. Nice try Satan, not today. 
I divorced the idea that medical poison can make me healthier. I divorced the idea that 2 planes took down 3 buildings at free fall speed into an area of collapse that can only be achieved by controlled demolition. I divorced the idea that TV and movie screens are there to entertain me when I know they're there to entrain me. I divorced the idea that doctors are health professionals when a vegetable cart would out perform them on any given day in a competition of health improvement. I divorced the idea that an administrative structure designed to keep you sick should be called a health care system. I divorced the idea that a disease with a 99.995% survival rate (in my area of SD&G Ontario Canada) is something requiring the removal of all my human rights. I divorced the idea that taxes aren't a form of theft, used to finance the tyrannical e-prison that's now being built up around us. I divorced the idea that my vote counts or that my life is best served by outsourcing the responsibility for my entire life to the most dysfunctional people in my country. I divorced the idea that pissing and shitting into the very water we need to drink (and then fake cleaning it with toxic chemicals) represents the apex of our society's technological advancements. I divorced the idea that treatments, which cause cancer, are the best ways to treat cancer. I divorced the idea that disease-based charity events, which sell disease causing junk food, are altruistic endeavors. I divorced the woke left, the dependency, the collective victim-hood, the perpetual childhood, the addiction, the infantilization and the mediocrity that comes with being a "good guy" or "a nice lady" down here on planet mental asylum. I divorced the idea that I had to fit into a dysfunctional society, in order to be happy and safe. I divorced all of it because it's one massive load of lie-ahria and all lies do is cause pain in your life. I divorced the lies, the pain and all the bullshit that comes with being a first class/North American sedated and distracted bullshitter.
On a kinder and gentler note, I also transitioned lately, into a much healthier relationship, where each person involved in the transition are super excited, super happy and super satisfied with the results.....on both side of the fence. If you would like to read about that, click here.....the article is titled "A Story of Radical Change, Love and Hope for 2024".
I still get divorced daily, from what no longer serves me. I've gotten married many times as well. Married to the truth. Married to who I really am. Married to empowered living. Married to reality. Married to my past. Married to my pain. Married to feeling comfortable with what's right. Married to morality. Married to ethical behavior. Married to a higher standard. Married to change. Married to self love. Married to self respect. Married to self care. Married to self maintenance. Married to my best life. Married to the male protector role in the tribe. Married to the creator's message that can only be heard when one is healthy. In life, getting divorced from the lies, which no longer serve us, is where your awakening will begin. In 2024 let's get to work. Come join me. 


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