Guilt and Shame Control Programming

Jan 11, 2023
Guilt and shame are very powerful forms of control programming. Guilt and shame literally remove strength from the spiritual, physical and mental systems....leaving the target weakened without any form of physical attack. This means the attack is merely verbal. This also means that the average person can't see it, defend themselves from it or even comprehend that the lower vibrations of guilt and shame are known to weaken the complete human system in order that the victim be more compliant to command.
The people who rule us, a very small defective and dark group on this planet, know this and have known this for thousands of years. The people who rule us will insert guilt and shame psychological programming throughout their information based control grid, to keep the public in a permanent state of weakness. This weakness triggers the nervous system to make extremely rapid calculations, related to it not having the strength to fight back against domination, which in turn increases the compliance in the target victim.
The vibration of the human body can be measured and there's no lower vibration EVER measured coming out of a human body than guilt and shame.......other than a dead body of course. A body carrying guilt and shame is WEAK and a WEAK body will comply, obey and be reflexively obedient more so than a body that is STRONG. In the end, the people who rule us weaken us on every level imaginable physically, financially, intellectually and that we can't push back, so we comply, so we obey and so we go along to get along like an abused animal.
In 2023, start recognizing the pattern. From eating crickets that will invoke physical weakness, to purposely organized inflation {via the nonstop printing of fake money with no value) that will invoke financial weakness and from contradictory messages in media that will invoke mental weakness, to the deep state attacking moral religious leaders to invoke spiritual's all about weakness. From Teflon to fluoride, and from the garbage on Netflix to the garbage taught in government's full spectrum warfare designed to first invoke overall weakness in the public and then to invoke rock hard compliance in the weakened citizen. In 2023, bring your game to the next level. Get serious and get moving. Improve your strength in the 4 pillar strength areas that count.....physical, financial, spiritual and intellectual. Some examples of guilt and shame programming are below.
1. Born a sinner.......that's their original guilt and shame program. You can love God and yourself without this programmed lie-ahira based attack that you were born a walking cluster f&^%.
2. You wanting to breath clean air will kill someone's Grandma.
3. You are non-essential and what you do isn't permitted because you're not important.
4. You are a walking virus factory that can kill others at any time, so do exactly as we say.
5. Your body is weak and open up to viral attack, no matter how healthy you already are - there's nothing you can do against the invisible all powerful virus - you're helpless, simply living on borrowed time, so feel weak and do as we say.
6. Your presence here is killing the planet.
7. There are too many people here on the planet and you're one of them.
8. You are a bad person if you eat meat so it's better if you eat crickets and even then, you're still a threat to the planet.
9. Travelling to see friends and family is killing the planet.
10. You are white and that's extremely bad, so hang your head in shame and apologize for just being here.
11. The land you are standing on isn't yours, it was stolen from others 300-400 years ago by bad people and now you have to hang your head in shame, while the same bad people and their relatives remain in power making you feel guilt and shame because they know it's the most powerful weapon they have.
12. You are a random genetic mutation flying through space on a rock. You have no propose, no mission and no divinity. You are here by pure random happenstance and coincidence, you don't really matter.
13. You are a bad person if you can think naturally and if you can see exactly what is happening. If you can think naturally you're a conspiracy theorist, a terrorist, are placing everyone else in danger, and you wear a tinfoil hat. If you allow the medical removal of yourself, your kids and most are an amazing intelligent person who is the backbone of our society.
It's all a very clever psychological plan of attack. They're all lies spoken repetitively by known liars, until they weaken us into compliance. See the guilt and shame programming. Know why they use it Gather your strength against the lies and lion up. It's time.


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