G-Mail and Ancient Black Magic Sorcery

Nov 15, 2022
So why do you think the masonic apron is the exact same logo as GMAIL? Think your emails and FB messages are private? Are you aware that "king" is a word that really means "kin-g", which means kin of (related to) the G? A ruling class based on genetics alone. Slaves have one set of genes and the rulers have another. Are you sure you understand why they keep taking your DNA and keep inventing fabricated reasons to keep archiving everyone's DNA? Who are the G - MALES...exactly? Do you know what the G stands for?
Well the "G" stands for a group of ancient Egyptian priests who historically used indoctrination, poisoning and psychology to control their populations. (this group operates now through government schooling, media, medicine, religion, banking and science). These priests were known as the "Gaonim" or the "G" for short. G also starts the word genetics and genetic manipulation was what this group really excelled in. They tell you to embrace different genders but have you noticed none of them do. They tell you to save the environment and not to fly but what do you see them doing? They tell you to embrace different cultural mates in all their media ads but how many of them has a different cultural partner? Do you see them crossing their genes outside their original genetic lines? Why are they so protective of their gene line, as to never cross pollinate? They told you to stay home and not to work but what do they do? They work of course, full salary, all the time.....telling you to do as you're told and to ignore that they're doing the opposite.. They tell you that you'll own nothing and be happy but then who actually owns everything if you don't? Can you own nothing, have no power and be treated as an infant until the grave....and be happy? You already know the answers. They tell you to drive an electric car but are they turning their tanks, fighter jets and missiles electric? Are they greening their war machines or do they want to save all the gas for their weapons of control and war? Maybe as they drive their gas powered tanks over your electric Telsa, maybe then you'll get it....but at that point it would already be too late. You need to start thinking now as to how old this con job really is and realize that everyone on the TV telling you what to do is on on the payroll of a very old movie studio and that movie studio is thousands of years old.
Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? They tell you everything you need to know in their logos, symbols and words. All you need to do is put down the coffee, wine, junk food, Netflix.....and start connecting the dots. The G also symbolizes the "genetics", "genesis" and who are the real masters of genetic manipulation, as to invent different versions of humanoid slaves throughout the ages. There's a firm reason why your various rounds of "new medicine" change the DNA. According to some counts, this would be the 4th major genetic manipulation of the human species....each successive manipulation designed to produce more obedient and weaker slaves.
Also remember the G7 Summit. You have two G's there, as G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. G7 is a double G and that means 7 + 7 which is 14 and 1 + 4 = 5........and 5 is the number in many ancient cultures that represents "the magic" or "the ether". This is why the magic star in ancient magic ceremonies had 5 points, because 5 represents the magical forces in the Universe, which are invisible to the naked eye Magic is known as the 5th element. The first four elements are visible......earth, water, air and fire. The 5th element is magic or "ether".......an invisible force that impacts physical reality, impacting the first four visible earth elements. Examples of the invisible force in play are love, how salmon find their spawning grounds from a thousand miles away, what holds the moon up, how a baby finds the breast, what moves the tides or how geese find their way over 3000 miles to the exact same fields every year. 5 also represents the 5th letter of the alphabet or the "E". E starts the word "Emotion" because emotion means magic in motion, something invisible to the eye yet something that has an effect on physical reality. Electricity or e-commerce are other E based words. The E always represents the invisible magic that operates in the non visible realm yet also affects physical/visible reality.
Do you know how this G group controls the invisible magic to rule over you and take control of your mind, in an invisible way through media? (did you notice that the first two phonetic sounds in media are me-di or me-die....same as medicine, which translates to me-die-sin) The G7 (the Gaonim) are still controlling the magic today, controlling the invisible forces in your mind, which in turn control your beliefs and behaviors. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? Know thy enemy or you can be easily tricked into becoming an enemy to yourself, your own family and to your own community as well. Beware the G-MALES, they stalk you daily from their hidden seats of power in corrupted media and inverted government. Stop focusing on what's happening right now and start focusing on these obvious trends throughout history, to better understand what's happening today.


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