FAKE SAFETY - The Ultimate Mind Control Trap

Dec 01, 2022


Your entire body is a safety based mechanism. Everything from your automatic breathing to your automatic healing of a cut.......you don't control any of it.......it's all automatic. Not only are those functions automatic and executed outside your conscious awareness or involvement, they're all based on protecting you so you keep living longer. Once again, you are a protection and survival based organism, with most of your protection processes being automatic or outside your conscious control. Oddly enough what you believe and what behaviors you act out in life also fall in this category. That is where the story of fake safety begins. Fake safety will make your life feel like the Hindenburg crashing into the deck of the Titanic on 9/11 every single day of your life....if you're not aware of what it really is. If you have a life you want to change for the better, please keep reading.

What I'm about to describe is FACT and completely understood by the people who rule you, who are very ancient ruling families. You can learn about these ancient ruling families, who use manipulative psychology against you and your family daily, in order to make you easier to farm.......by clicking here. It's only the public who doesn't openly know what I'm about to describe.

Your behavior and your ideas are also protective of you. The vast majority of what you do, say and think are created automatically (outside your conscious awareness) in a part of the mind deemed THE SUBCONSCIOUS. The subconscious wants you to be safe and to live long, which is your base genetic programming through all cells or fields in your body. The subconscious looks for repetitive cuing, images, messages, beliefs, behaviors, patterns etc. in the environment.......and then understands clearly that the most repetitive messages or behaviors have to be the messages and behaviors held by the bigger group or wolf pack. There's safety to be found in the bigger herd, group or tribe, so the mind forcefully makes you adopt those beliefs and behaviors as your own.... so you fit in and so you're safer inside the bigger group. I have inserted below a short video to show you this entire process in action, where repetitive cuing in the environment (basically 2-3 repetitions of the same idea or picture) changes the behavior of the people involved, in very magical ways. 

Although your nervous system is designed to find safety in the majority or bigger herd, by assessing the repetitive content of your particular environment, that environment can indeed be staged and manipulated by these ancient ruling families......so your nervous system runs toward fake safety instead of real safety. For example, in the spring of 2020 the ancient ruling families who control the media and the government started to manipulate the repetitive signals in the environment purposely, as they have done for hundreds if not thousands of years... in similar psychological operations. The goal of manipulating the repetitive messaging in your environment is to invisibly control your thoughts, ideas and behaviors outside your conscious awareness........and get you chasing fake safety instead of real safety.

Is there any safety to be found in closing down your own economy, which is actually the electrical circulation energy a society needs to survive and grow? Of course, there's no safety in shutting down your own economy, as the word "e-conomy" starts with the same "e" as "e-lectricity".... because when studied the economy is literally the electrical life force needed to keep people and any culture alive. Money is literal life force energy that we need to live. If you don't have an economy (a circulation of life force energy in the form of money) that society collapses and dies. But all stores weren't closed were they, just the small stores owned by local, moral, caring and ethical people. How much safety is there in allowing big evil corporations to stay open, while shutting down the flow of life energy to local people and local businesses? Of course, the answer is obvious when you're still able to think because you own your mind. THERE IS ZERO SAFETY IN THAT BEHAVIOR, but people embraced that FAKE SAFETY because their behavior was hacked by manufactured repetitive content. FAKE SAFETY WAS BEING SOLD THROUGH PROPAGANDA, as it always has been through the centuries by these ancient ruling families via corrupt media and government channels.

Was there any safety to be found by restricting your breathing with a mask? Of course not, masks only cause harm. Was there any safety to be found by injecting poison under your skin and deeming it a vaccine, when that poison injection never qualified as a vaccine by any medical definition? Of course not, it only caused death and injury........because you can't heal with poison. Poison can't cure disease or illness. Poison doesn't work like that.....but people embraced all these inverted ideas because the repetitive content of their environment was purposely manufactured to hack the subconscious mind's ancient design of protection.

Is there safety to be found in an evil government removing your freedoms? No, that's fake safety not real safety. Is there any safety in government removing the firearms of the people, which has been done just before every major genocide in history? Of course not, there's ZERO safety in only an evil government having all the guns while the citizens are purposely disarmed, before that evil government murders them. So why do people embrace fake safety? The average person will always embrace this fake safety psychological manipulation if they don't understand that most of their behaviors and beliefs aren't manufactured internally. The majority of our behaviors and beliefs are controlled by what stimuli is seen and heard in the environment by the subconscious mind.

In the end ladies and gentlemen, there's no safety in voting, drinking alcohol, wasting your time and life sitting on a couch watching TV/movies, carrying around a cancer causing cell phone, eating fast food, smoking, ingesting medical poison in an attempt to get healthy, injecting medical poison in an attempt to get healthy, allowing evil groups to censor and remove the truth from open circulation, allowing banks to hold your money, allowing crime family run governments to devalue your national currency via unlimited money printing, going to government school, injecting poisons into your own lips, paying to be indoctrinated in College of University or allowing a crime syndicate to dress up as government and steal any amount of your money at will. There's no real safety to be found in any of it.... none, zero, nada, goose egg, zilch, doesn't exist. Yet people actively cheer on these fake safety options because the people who rule us purposely control the repetitive content we see and hear....so we continually cheer on and demand our worst lives.

Click here to watch a video proving that this fake safety pathway can indeed be hijacked to sell you something as illogical and irrational as smoking cigarettes. The same mind hacks are used daily to sell you everything else on the list above and that's why most people's lives are a complete and utter mess. Until you learn how ancient ruling families (who masquerade as media and government) are manipulating you to demand fake safety in your own life...your life won't change, and you'll always end up running east looking for a sunset.




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