Did You Know? 9/11

Sep 11, 2022
Did you know that 9/11 is the first day of the ancient Egyptian new year? https://bit.ly/3BzAACA
Did you know that there's a real Egyptian obelisk in Central Park called Cleopatra's Needle?  https://bit.ly/3QANpkd and https://bit.ly/3RRJGzG and https://bit.ly/3eGZHKB
Did you know that Cleopatra's Needle lines up with other NY monuments at angles, which are equal to the angles that the Egyptian pyramids are aligned in.....which in turn represent the exact angles of the Sirius planet cluster that the Egyptians honored?  https://bit.ly/3RY9SZI
Did  you know that when the Sirius planet cluster was highest in the Egyptian sky, it was deemed the Dog Days Of Summer? https://bit.ly/3QBkfS7  Did you know that the Sirius radio logo is a Dog, with a star representing the dog's eye? https://bit.ly/3Ba2Km8 The star in Egypt represented the invisible electricity that could also be manipulated by the magi (magicians) outside the conscious awareness of the general public. The star is a symbol of what's called the 5th element, the magic, the electricity, the ether or the life giving spirit. The other 4 elements are visible earth, air, fire and water. The 5th element spirit or magic is the invisible force or electricity the gives life to the visible. https://bit.ly/3RDfXL5  Can you see that DOG is GOD spelled backwards?
Did you know that the 3 largest and closest buildings left standing next to the twin towers were capped with an Egyptian stepped pyramid, a conventional Egyptian pyramid and the 3rd building was capped with a dome, known as The Solomon Building. The Pillars of Solomon are also Egyptian. https://bit.ly/3DfGREw  
Did you know that in ancient Egyptian mythology, the numbers 1-10 represented all things physical on the earth that could be touched, tasted or held etc. Objects that held spirit (the invisible magic) in physical form were represented with the numbers 1-10. The numbers from 11 onward, represented the death of the physical and an entering into the spiritual world after death....the releasing of the spirit back to the spirit world. This is why Sept 11th was the chosen date, to incinerate something physical and release it into the spirit world. (sacrifice) This is also why there's 10 DAYS of morning for the Queen to start....because it must follow the basic Egyptian ritual of her being released spiritually on the 11th day. https://nbcnews.to/3L8gaDu
Did you know that UK Royal Family can be traced back to and are related to the ancient Pharaoh's of Egypt? https://bit.ly/3qsC3UG - this clip is from a longer and older documentary called "The Ring Of Power" - https://bit.ly/3RFdYWS
Did you know that some Egyptian pharaoh's and Royal family members had red hair, which is specific to the British Isles? https://bit.ly/3xg77ec
Did you know that Scotland is named after Queen Scota, who is the daughter of a famous Egyptian Pharaoh? https://bit.ly/3eEhli0
Did you know that there's an Egyptian pyramid on the Royal Balmoral estate in the UK?
Did you know the phonetic BAL relates to an ancient deity named BAAL or Molech, which is an ancient Bull/Horned God equal to what we know today as the devil. Bal-moral can be seen as translating into "the morality of evil" or "the originating of more evil electricity" or "energy of the devil as God." Molech or BAAL or BAEL or BEELZEBUB required blood sacrifice. Child sacrifice was preferred to Molech. Here's a good article on Molech and the child sacrifice today. https://bit.ly/3RzzTys and here we even have Prince Charles heading a BAAL Molech Devil ceremony this year. https://bit.ly/3RAyV59
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