Connecting Some Ancient Dots......

Mar 13, 2024
1. An Egyptian pyramid is on the back of the US $1 bill........yet people still can't connect the ancient dots and that's understandable.
2. There's an Egyptian obelisk in the US capitol called The Washington Monument.....yet very few people ever think about why an ancient Egyptian symbol is center stage in Washington DC.
3.  The ancient Egyptian symbol (hieroglyphic) for Sirius (the star cluster the Egyptians were obsessed with) was a star, an obelisk and an oval. In Washington we have a star (the pentagon), an actual obelisk and the oval office....all in a straight line.......yet people can't see what they know little about.
4. The Egyptians were obsessed with the number 5, as to them 5 represented the concept of the invisible magic or the 5th element on this planet. The Egyptians represented this magical and invisible 5th element by drawing a star, as a star has 5 points. 5 is a major magic number in ancient Egyptian culture. The Washington Monument (an Egyptian Obelisk) is 555 feet and 55 inches high.......yet people still can't seem to connect the ancient dots. Why are there so many 5's in the architecture?
5. The Pentagon in Washington is 5 stories tall, has 5 inner rings, is a five-sided object to begin with and it houses an inner courtyard that is 5.55 acres in size.......yet people will still have a hard time connecting dots they can't recognize or see.
6. The Pentagon broke ground in Washington DC on Sept 11th 1941. Sept 11th is New Year's Day in the ancient Egyptian calendar.......yet people will still have a hard time connecting the ancient dots. Why Sept 11th?
7. The all-seeing eye was a primary Egyptian symbol. The CBS media station's symbol is an all-seeing eye. Apple also sells an in-home technology called Siri, which spies on and records everything a family is doing inside their home and private spaces. Siri is IRIS spelled backwards, the all-seeing eye is watching anyone who has this device in their home. The Apple company symbol is the ancient biblical apple with a bite taken out of it, a warning not to eat from the tree of knowledge. If you look straight down from above the Washington Monument, that Egyptian Obelisk is sitting inside an Egyptian all seeing eye......yet people still aren't connecting the ancient dots because they may not know something odd is afoot. Why are there so many ancient symbols among the organizations that surround us, censor us, misinform us and track us?
8. On 9/11 (New Year's Day in the ancient Egyptian calendar) the closest buildings left standing were a) a building adorned by a classical pyramid, b) a building adorned by a stepped pyramid and c) the Solomon building, a building adorned by a middle eastern dome structure. The new building occupying the twin towers site (The Freedom Tower) was finished, on all sides, by pyramids........yet people may not be looking for such ancient fingerprints in our modern time. Why does the Freedom Tower look like one massive needle, made of pyramid shapes?
9. A real Egyptian obelisk, brought directly from Egypt, sits in NY's Central Park......called Cleopatra's Needle.........yet people still don't get it and don't understand why such an object would be brought over to NY City, all the way from ancient Egypt. Why? Why "needle"? The people who brought the obelisk here know why, as that Obelisk was originally marched into Central Park by a parade of Free Masons. Maybe it's time now that we find out why such symbolism surrounds us.
10. Inside Pfizer's NY headquarters (in downtown Manhattan) sits a large piece of wall art, which is visible from the sidewalk, if you look through the window. It's also littered with Egyptian symbolism and iconography. Pfizer is a combination of two words...Pharaoh and Kaiser, both words meaning King or Ruler. And yet people haven't been taught to think in school, so they can only see what they've been taught to see.
11. The primary colors of Egyptian Royalty were the red, white and blue....and yet we the people appear to be playing inside a reality they're we're not exactly comprehending fully. Is one powerful and ancient ruling group still governing humanity from the shadows, though magical potions and ancient forms of mental manipulations? The original dream of "one group ruling the entire world" is also Egyptian in origin, as some rulers in ancient Egypt believed they were Gods given the divine right to rule everyone else on the planet. Today we even see this hidden hand making some major power plays toward that stated ancient goal, even though they're using proxy actors and many clever disguises to make those power plays. How many leaders today are destroying their own populations in unison? If they're not working for the people, who are they really working for?
Start paying closer attention. Ancient forces appear to be afoot and those ancient forces are masters of disguise, hiding behind people, hiding behind different political parties and hiding behind groups that cloak their true origin and intent. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure?


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