Lady Asks me How to Be A Business Success

Sep 19, 2023
Question from Erica - "Jason, just out of curiosity how does one become like yourself? Basically your job is a dream for me and I genuinely have a hard time with putting myself out there, charging people for services, and even getting started. How does one do this with very little resources? I'm just stressed that my maternity leave is up and I don't want to shove my baby in daycare. I want to stay home and work with her. But  even now any little thing involves money. Even basic computer programs charge you for the simplest of things. I went back to my addictions for a couple of weeks... with a weed vape unfortunately. I'm just physically and emotionally exhausted all the time. I appreciate everything you do and your suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you."
Answer from Jason Christoff - "Thanks Erica. Good question. The answer is simple. You just start. It's like going to a gym. No one benches 350lbs on the first day in the gym. Only 1 out of 10,000 may do that on the first day actually. The rest of the people have to work hard, be consistent and dedicate themselves to the process. I used to work at East Side Mario's as a very mediocre server and I also washed dishes at a local restaurant. I never let my dreams die. I always kept my dream machine fired up. That's where it starts. Get into the gym of life and entrepreneurship, put in the time, do it even when you don't want to and then the results start piling up long term. Play the long game. Never give up. No one wants to head to the gym on the first day, because nothing happens. No one wants to save a couple dollars daily because nothing happens on the first day......or even in the first couple of months. Consistency is where success will always be found. A daily dedication to success principles, day in and day out. No one wants to be in business on the first day because not much happens........but things do happen eventually if you stick with it. It's the pain and fear of that first day that holds most people back. Bring courage, bravery and passion on the first day......then put in the consistency. That's how you win, no matter what the goal is in life. Hope that makes some sense. I believe in you. You can do the small things daily. That you can do. "
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