Are You a Member of This Very Corrupt Gang?

Mar 19, 2023
Imagine a very dark person approaching you and saying, "I need your help to go assault, extort, indoctrinate and if necessary terminate  (murder) that person over there across the road?"
Most people easily would say no to this offer because it's morally wrong, it's unethical and it goes against the basic code of goodness we actually hold within our genome.
Now,  what's odd is that many people take up and adopt said offer if the person tabling the offer claims they represent government, which is actually a fictitious entity, never proven to exist. Yes, there are people who say they represent government but the actual government itself, like if you wanted to set up a meeting with the "government"'s nowhere to be found. Basically if you can't go to lunch with it directly, it doesn't exist. All I see is regular people carrying a label and beating up, extorting and assaulting other people. If you take away the label, the costumes and the fancy uniforms, it's just a well-organized gang who's stealing your stuff and giving it to the other members of the that they keep stealing your stuff. This gang also runs the schools and the media, in order to keep telling the public that they're not really a gang and that this gang is really a group of angels sent down from heaven to protect you and turn the world into a utopia of pleasure and prosperity.
It's the ultimate pirate on the high seas scenario. Most people will act moral unless they're offered a cut of the booty for assaulting, extorting, indoctrinating and terminating other regular people. At its most basic foundation, government is a gang that keeps adding members to the gang by promising a small percentage of the proceeds from its criminal operations. In a dark and evil society, this often goes unnoticed. This gang is the issue and will always be the issue yet the average person can't imagine their life without this gang, without getting extorted and without getting assaulted. Odd but true. More and more people are indeed imagining their lives without this gang and they're liking what they're imagining. 
Important highly censored video below. Simply click "watch on Youtube" and then also click "I understand and wish to proceed" to get through to it. 


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