What is Addiction?

Dec 27, 2021
Addiction isn't about addiction. The first question is always "not why the addiction, why the pain?" Here in Canada I meet many addicted people and they're addicted because they're in pain. They don't know they're in pain most of the time because the entire society is based on ignoring pain with addictions. In Canada, it's easy to look to the left and right of you, to see other people who are just as addicted as you, so you don't really notice that no one is really happy or living their lives to the fullest.
In short, if you're addicted, you're in pain. If you're in pain, it means you're living out lies as truth. I see people with Santa bags full of lies they carry around with them. Lies like toxic meds make me better, injectable poison is safe and effective, an injectable medicine that doesn't protect against any disease is needed by all people to go back to normal, working a job you don't like for 30 years won't affect your mental or physical health etc etc . The Santa bag of lies these folks are lugging around with them is so big, they can't even budge it anymore and that puts them into pain. The pain comes from not being able to make any forward progress in their lives dragging around a bag of lies that massive.
And that's where the wine, the TV addictions, the movie addictions, the meds, the narcotics, the overeating, the drama, the cigs and the vaping comes into the picture.........to tranquilize people in pain away from the pain associated with living out lies as truth, which only causes more pain. In 2022, feel your pain and I guarantee you that your body will react as designed and move you away from your pain. With addictions numbing your pain, you only get more pain.


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