Nov 17, 2021

Ontario ‘staring down the barrel’ of potential lockdown, COVID-19 framework thresholds changing: Ford

Propaganda is most effective when it delivers the most fear. Fear engages what’s called the limbic system. The limbic system is also referred to as the R complex, the reptilian brain or the hind brain. It’s our most primitive part of the brain complex, just on the top of the spinal cord. The reptilian brain is focused on sex, survival and food. A population operating in fear is very easy to control on all levels. When you place a population in fear, you place them into a different pattern of behavior where they react more like a child, using emotions to deal with the world, as opposed to their intellect. Adults in fear can be easily manipulated, indoctrinated and lead astray by the pied pipers of control, masquerading as an altruistic government. Children get emotional. Real adults, who understand propaganda look at the facts. So let’s look at the facts beyond “the gun barrel” reference, which is also coupled with the word “lockdown”……..just as the behavior modification experts wrote for Doug Ford to quote specifically, toward a population drowning in a sea of fabricated fear. Let’s see some facts on Doug Ford, who is getting all his marching orders from on high and all his speeches written by the world’s most educated mind control and behavior modification experts.

1. Here we see Doug Ford fabricating death numbers in Ontario, in order to provide the manufactured leverage he needed to declare a state of emergency for Ontario.

2. Doug Ford needed to declare a state of emergency in order to use an unapproved diagnostic test for COVID, called the RT-PCR machine. The RT-PCR machine isn’t approved to be used to test for COVID at all but it’s “non approval” status can be overridden if a emergency declaration is initiated. Ambush initiated………and the problems with this testing tool for COVID are vast. The primary issue is that if you test healthy people with it, 80-100% are marked as COVID positive, when there’s nothing wrong with them.

3. In June of this year, Doug Ford basically declared that him and a couple of other unelected officials can declare a state of emergency for how ever long they wish, forever, until they decide to stop……in 30 day increments. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

4. Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly admitted that the RT-PCR machine, which is an unapproved screening machine for COVID, which is now being used to screen for COVID……..should not be cycled past 35 or it provides inaccurate results. The RT-PCR machine has a digital display on its interface and you can literally declare anyone as positive if you turn the cycles up high enough or you can declare anyone as negative if you turn the cycles down low enough. In a pregnancy test, the female’s urine determines the positive or negative. With the RT-PCT machine…….the machine is in full control of who is positive or negative and that’s why it’s never been approved to diagnosis disease.

5. Here a member of provincial parliament, in Queen’s park, asks the Ford government why they’re aren’t telling the public about the RT-PCR machine’s massive inaccuracy regarding fabricating huge numbers of false positives when applied to citizens not showing any signs of disease.

6. Here’s a medical doctor on Doug Ford’s team, standing next to Doug Ford, declaring that the Ford government can’t test teachers with the RT-PCR machine because it would mark too many teachers as COVID positive, when they’re perfectly healthy.

7. After Dr. Anthony Fauci declared that cycling the RT-PCR machine over 35 cycles causes a massive number of false positive results (meaning the people that the machine declares as COVID positive are perfectly healthy), the same member of provincial parliament asks the Ford government, why the Ford government is forcing their labs in Ontario to cycle the RT-PCR machine samples at 38-45 cycles, when anything over 35 invalidates all the test results? Some medical experts say anything over 20 cycles is invalid and it can’t be used on anyone even then, unless they present symptoms of disease. Please move ahead to minute 29 of this report to see the MPP pose the question.

8. At this link, we have the inventor of the RT-PCR machine himself saying that no matter what result his machine gives, it doesn’t mean you’re sick and it doesn’t mean the results mean anything at all.

9. At this added link, we have a science researcher providing the factual statistics regarding lockdowns and masks………proving locking down causes more ill health affects than not locking down and that wearing masks increase disease as well.

10. Here we have a member of provincial parliament, at Queen’s Park in Toronto, making it known on the house floor that the Ford government is lying to the people about hospitals being overwhelmed.

11. The ultimate slap in the face. The Ford government, which initiated the lock downs with fabricated death and infection data, (that in turn caused a massive number of suicides)……then uses the suicides to further pad the faked COVID death statistics.

Ladies and gentleman, the only thing you’re looking down is a TV laced with highly paid political actors who have scripts written for them by the world’s most educated behavior modification specialists. You’re getting the most intense and sharpest forms of modern propaganda ever produced on this planet.

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