A Coach Writes In About Her Son

Dec 06, 2023
Hola Jason!!!

Ok this is a bit of a testimony, which may help you with your future program for teens! Which I’ll be signing my 15 year old son up for!
He has such a passion for basketball. He loves it. I try to encourage him, but he always has doubts about himself. He is super hard on himself.
I made him personalized basketball wall art, and I found a really awesome Athletic Performance Hypnosis. He has been doing it every night.

He didn’t make the team last year, but just a few weeks ago, he made the team, and the coach told him he didn’t even need to try out. And not only that, the coach said he is the BEST 3 point shooter in all the region for his age!!!

He just messaged me, he scored the game winning goal for his game tonight!!! I'm so proud of him, and totally amazed that it’s working!!! Like really well!!

Here is his birthday cake, I had made for him, and his video of scoring the winning point! And he had the highest point tonight. It’s the first game of the season!

It just confirms that our youth need this education more than anything! I'm so stoked, and cant wait for him to learn from you!!

I feel a huge momentum right now. I cant thank you enough,

Many thanks Jason!

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