The Root Of All Our Problems Today

Dec 04, 2023
All people will understand very soon that government is a criminal organization and anyone working for government is directly dependent on the high crimes continuing. We're openly ruled by criminals, with a large portion of our population feeding off the proceeds of these high crimes. If these evil government illegalities would cease (and justice return to our great nations), unemployment triples overnight and large tracts of the citizenry lose all their materialistic high-status decorations instantly, which in turn would mean these hard-working gophers inside this criminal organization would lose their complete psychic identities. Someone's identity (who they think they are and the faux personality they assume, in order to transverse life) is often the most guarded asset a human will ever possess. To gain introspection into the process where someone is openly participating in high crimes against humanity, while believing they're an upstanding and ethical citizen, is a mental climb into morality that most government staffers willingly decline daily. It's just easier to say, "I'm a good person" and keep cashing the cheques, which come from the government pirates continuing to murder and plunder their way across what's left of our once great nations.
Learn more about the illusion and mind control program of "government" in the short video below...
As we travel down a road to hell with this crime syndicate at the reigns, this treasonous troop of government jackals only conspire to turn more of our citizens into co-conspirators, card carrying satanists and voluntary pirates obsessed with their cut of the their only employment options within a societal system run by the devil himself.
That's how much trouble we're in. The devil never had any intention of curbing his devilish ways. The devil's goal was to make all of us so devilish, that if the devil walked among us, we wouldn't notice the difference between his behavior and our own. We're almost there. The only answer and the only solution is starting to understand that all government has to go, all of it. The piracy must end and the government pirate ship sunk into the deepest part of the ocean. We must grow up and learn how to govern ourselves. That means the cornerstone of our society must become morality, ethics and justice once again. What's yours is yours and what's mine is mine. You can do anything you wish (with morality, ethics and justice as your guiding star), as long as what you're doing doesn't harm or injure another person. A pirate's fair share of your wealth is zero and no one in our society should ever gain employment and a pay cheque from stealing the resources of another......ever. It is this foundational untruth (that we would be worse off ruling ourselves and having unfettered access to all our wealth) that's at the root of all our problems today. If we don't address this root cause, we will literally turn our society into hell on earth, and we're so close to accomplishing that inversion right now, it should give everyone great pause.

Becoming as independent as you can is no longer an option, it's an obligation to all of humanity. Taking back your health, your personal power and your income generation is how this dark, ugly and rotting system will be taken down. Everyone will put their backs into this drive to become stronger and more independent once again. Click below to see how I can help you achieve everything in that area of empowerment, in order that you and your family step into a better life in 2024. Take control, step into what needs to be done, take action and do your part. Learn from teachers who have already climbed the mountain.



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