10 Things That Are Now Happening (RIP Tyson)

Aug 01, 2023
1. People are now fighting to stay and to live inside a corrupt system, often giving their own lives or the lives of their children as payment in order to maintain their fake feel-good illusions.
2. This system offers an illusion of lies that makes people feel safe. It's these fraudulent and fake safe feelings of those lies that sleep walkers seek to maintain, as they fight to stay inside this corrupt system.
3.  This corrupt system of lies is all most people know and therefore blazing a new trail out into the real world of truth is something they don't have any experience in. Therefore anything outside our lie based system registers as "dangerous" in the nervous system. We are hard wired emotionally to avoid pain and to seek pleasure, even if the pleasure is based on lies.
4. Our corrupt system of lies not only provides a fake feel-good illusion for the infantile mind, it often offers employment in the admiration of the lie based illusion. Therefore, leaving the lie based illusion often comes at a cost most people consider too high to pay. It is this mental prison that often ends with a person playing Russian Roulette with their own lives or the lives of their children, as they can't imagine any way out other than doubling down inside the lie. There's always a way out and there's always a third option, even though the third option will require work, suffering, and personal sacrifice.
5. Our habits provide our nervous systems a sense of predictability. Predictability register as "safety" in our nervous systems and safety is what our nervous systems crave as its top priority. The people who rule us use our need for predictability against us, inside their lie based illusion.
6. The more lies we wish to maintain, in order that we avoid doing what needs to be done, the more our behavior drifts into what we've always described as evil.
7. As a society that now believes pain is a goblin (when it's really a guardian), many people scramble rabidly to avoid short term pains, while avoiding what long term pains they'll receive when they fight to live inside a lie-based system. When you avoid pain and avoid the lessons that small amounts of pain can bring, the Universe will only deliver you bigger amounts of pain........until you prioritize correctly.
8. In many ancient societies, parents were asked to sacrifice their own children to maintain their current societal status or to improve on their status. We're now living inside such a system where parents, who were made high inside the lie-based system, will do anything asked of them to keep living inside that lie based illusion. To parents who are afraid to face the pain of their harsh reality, no price appears too high to pay to maintain the illusion.
9. This lie-based system offers the same securities as a parent offers a child, where the parents talk about Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. We all like the stories inside the illusion, but they are lies and there's no long term security to be found inside a lie based illusion. Once we tell our children a Santa based lie (which is an anagram for the word Satan) we get conditioned that lying is good as long as it makes us or our kids feel better. A lie is like a grenade. The pin gets pulled when you lie and the end result is guaranteed.
10. This lie based system is a death centric system. It used to require your constant poisoning and about 50% of your income, to live inside the illusion. That was the price tag and many people rushed to the check out counter to make that purchase. Now the price to live inside the illusion has gone up substantially (spiritual inflation if you will) where the price to stay living inside the lie is now our very lives. Many people who are addicted to the lie based illusion are willingly to give their own lives, in order to take a couple more puffs off the illusion drug... which makes them high like crack cocaine. RIP Tyson. We're doing everything we can down here to stop the premature parade to heaven. RIP. Our deepest condolences.


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