5 Reasons We Over Eat

Nov 03, 2022
1. As children and infants we remember that feeling of being full, often on breast milk in our earliest years. This feeling of being full and next to mother made us feel extremely safe. When we feel stressed, the full belly can bring us back in time to when we were an infant, thus creating the same feelings of reassurance and safety in ourselves. We sometimes overeat to feel safe but of course there's no real safety to be found in overeating or always having a full belly, as the stomach must get a break and get empty several times per day for optimal health to find us.
2. Sedation is another reason we overeat. Many common foods today provide sedative and tranquilizing aspects for the nervous system. For example, milk products, wheat, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, coffee, caffeine products etc. all provide reactions in our metabolism that dull our internal pain sensing equipment. These compounds and many more can dull our pain and make sure we avoid feeling that pain. Unfortunately, it's coming to light that avoiding our pain actually traps that pain in our body. That trapped pain (because we actively avoid feeling that pain with tranquilizing foods) can build up and make us sick with various disease. So, although we can feel safer consuming sedative and tranquilizing food-based substances, it comes at a very heavy cost. Just because you can stick it in your mouth, doesn't mean you're supposed to eat it.
3. We can often overeat because we're actually eating foods that don't nourish us and don't give our bodies what they need to survive. Most non-organic produce today is not only covered in poisons (often pesticides) the processed foods also include many other toxic chemicals. Dealing with those poisons and chemicals takes plenty of extra calories and nutrients, so the body increases hunger signals in order to acquire the extra energy and vitamins/minerals to detoxify the poisonous chemicals that are in and on the food. But there's one big problem. Food grown in and around pesticides are proven to have less nutrients, so the body never really gets the nutrients it needs to fight the chemicals and therefore the hunger cravings never shut off. The answer here is to eat organic food, which in turn will help shut down hunger cravings sooner (because the body is getting real nutrition) ....and that in turn can save lots of money because you won't eat as much.
4. We often overeat because we're hypo-glycemic. That's just a fancy word for low blood sugar. Oddly enough, the vast majority of people who become hypo glycemic and have low blood sugar, started the entire cycle off with super high blood sugar, something called hyper-glycemia. Basically, one of the fastest ways to cause low blood sugar is to eat poorly, which can cause a massive rise in blood sugar......which in turn causes the blood sugar to plummet or crash only minutes later, causing increased hunger cravings. So, if you eat poorly, you can eat plenty of food and still be hungry only a short time later. This isn't a cycle that you want to get into. If you want to know what healthy living and healthy eating is all about read Paul Chek's book, "How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy."
5. Overeating at night can also be about distraction and avoiding the quiet time we need to review our life path, our life direction and make key decisions. Sometimes people aren't ready to slow down, sit with their body without distraction and hear the quiet whispers of their soul.......which will tell them where things are headed, given the way the person is living their life. After our boss stops lording over us and after we slow down at night, it's supposed to be a quiet time to make contact with our spirit and contemplate direction changes, financial changes, relationship changes, attitude changes, health changes, parenting changes, employment changes etc. etc. At night it's supposed to be our time, to assess what's working in our life and what isn't. This can be stressful for someone who isn't used to quiet time, connecting with self or for anyone who hasn't done this sort of house cleaning in a while. Inner work not attended to piles up. This means there's lots of unfinished business to tend to internally for most people. When the quiet time comes at night, it's just sometimes easier to avoid connecting with self and flood our nervous systems with fake feel good emotions from our screens and from the chemical food like things that make us feel groovy for really accomplishing very little........other than jamming the unhealthy foods/drinks into our mouths and allowing the TV images into our eyes, as we sit back and get even more relaxed inside various fantasy illusions that aren't serving us.
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