5 Odd Vaccine Facts

Jan 25, 2024

This won't take too much effort whatsoever. Hang on tight, we're going in deep.

1. The paralysis falsely deemed to be polio was caused by a toxic pesticide called lead arsenate. The polio vaccine, formulated for a disease caused by poison and not a virus, also caused additional disease and paralysis....because the polio vaccine was a further application of poison. As the usual cycle in the fraudulent vaccine industry goes, sickness is initially caused by a first round of poisoning or the sickness is coordinated in another fraudulent way....like remdesivir, midazolam and ventilators murdering seniors to increase fake COVID death statistics for example. Then the toxic vaccines introduced cause more sickness and death, which is then said to be a further attack of a fake virus that never existed. At that point, it starts to look like a situation where you're attempting to put fire out with gasoline, as many uninformed poisoned people start running for the injections of poison, which only facilitates a further tsunami of disease and death. You can indeed get people to murder themselves using this method of psychological manipulation. The ruling group uses this exact method of eugenics all the time.

2. Vaccines are deemed effective (and the research declared a smashing success) when said "vaccines" produce a robust anti-body response in the blood streams of the trial subjects. There's one problem with that, which of course is known by the people selling us injections of poison as medicine......anti-bodies don't provide anyone immunity from disease. The late Dr. Toni Bark explains this fact in only 3 minutes at this added link. Antibodies don't mean you're immune to disease whatsoever. All vaccine science is based on this falsity and therefore is straight up fraud, front to back, no exceptions.

Vaccines are poison by design and are a control mechanism used by the ruling 1% against the slave class. It's easier to rule, govern, control, lie to, manipulate and steal from disempowered, diseased, depressed, dis-oriented and dysfunctional people. What the ruling 1% call vaccines are their most powerful poison in this regard, as injecting poison under your skin causes the maximum level of cellular damage...including massive damage to the brain complex. Dumb downed people are extremely easy to rule and govern, intelligent people are not. This poisoning/control structure is ancient and intertwined into the very fabric of our dysfunctional and dark society. This is why it's important that the public understand the group currently in control (and not in control for much longer) poisons us daily on maybe 500 different fronts, to accomplish their intended control-based objectives.

3. Vaccines are said to target viral infectious invaders, which cause disease, in order to prime the body to produce antibodies that of course don't protect against disease, as was highlighted in point #2 above. Oddly enough, viruses are also proven not to exist in the way advertised, as Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains in this video......regarding the fictitious and nonexistent SARS-COV-2 virus. Dr. Sam Bailey and her husband Dr. Mark Bailey are willing to publicly debate any other doctor or scientist (and film it) regarding viruses existing or not. So far, no medical doctor or scientist in the world has taken them up on their challenge.

Many times doctors and scientists are invited to speak to larger groups. Before the public speech these doctors or scientists will often declare that they have "no conflicts of interest", regarding the topic, product or service they're talking about. I suggest most medical doctors have very large conflicts of interest regarding their patients feeling helpless to invisible viruses that float in the air, which have the ability to kill or injure them without warning. Telling patients that viruses are fake brings the power back into the patient's hands and away from the doctors, who act as enlightened and heavily educated protectors of their patients, from these invisible attacking agents. This conflict of interest, based on a massive power differential, may be the biggest conflict of interest most doctors hold today. If viruses don't exist and a patient's health is completely in their own hands and their hands alone, medical science is powerless to control the public in anyway, and many doctors are basically bankrupt overnight....unless they choose to participate in a paradigm of holistic health and teach real healthy living principles to their patients, which don't involve various forms of biblical pharmakia. Saying that, emergency medicine often requires everything "chemical" in a doctor's arsenal but of course chronic care medicine usually does not. Many doctors express rage when faced with the evidence that virology is a pure and utter fraud.....and that rage to me appears to be based on maintaining power over the patients and not the hard facts. Keeping people below us, in less powerful positions than ourselves, aids in the flow of energy and monetary resources from the slave class upwards toward the top of the pyramid and into our own pocketbooks. If we maintain an occupation that's based in a power or knowledge differential over our patients or clients, we often can become rageful when that energy or monetary channel is threatened. Any doctor wanting to challenge this claim (that viruses don't exist in the way advertised), the Bailey's are eager to hear from you, for the publicly recorded discussion

4. No vaccine on the market to date has ever been tested against a benign or inert placebo, in relation to the injections making the trial participants sick. Usually in conventional science, you need a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, where none of the participants or even the hands-on administrators of the medication being tested, know who's getting the real vaccine and who's being injected with an inert placebo substance like salt or sugar water. In all vaccine science research, both groups (the test group and the control group) are injected with extremely poisonous material, in order that sickness is purposely observed in both groups, which in turn is done so that the group injected with the vaccine poison don't look completely annihilated, compared to the control group who were also injected with another vaccine poison.....usually just a different brand of vaccine poison. This means both groups usually look just as sick as each other, which is meant to hide the sickness causing effect of injecting poison into human beings PERIOD. This smoke and mirrors show is only one aspect of this multi-generational vaccine fraud we all live within today. This isn't science of course. This is criminal conduct of the highest order, with the documented intent to murder large tracts of the uninformed public, while keeping the "brain damaged and sick carry over" as the perfect weakened slaves, who won't speak up or take action against their own perpetual slavery.

5. Not one person, to my knowledge, has been followed outside the extremely short vaccine trials or even followed after receiving a vaccine in a clinical setting, to observe if the people receiving the injections of poison develop cancer, sterility, other advanced diseases or even if the person injected acquires the disease they were vaccinated against.....in order to compile further data, as to gage the long-term implications of the vaccine. The people who organize this poison/public control fraud don't do follow ups EVER of course, because they have no interest following up with people injected with poison, because the long-term data would reveal the multi-generation criminal intent of all toxic injections deemed vaccines. Just like with the fake COVID vaccines, no public official or institution/office dared follow up with anyone who took the shot, because the intent of the shot was to kill and cripple. After people started getting extremely sick or dying after the fake COVID vaccine psy-op was initiated, the crippled people or the families of the vaccine murdered were simply told to register the deaths or injuries in a computer data base. After that, our tax dollars (money stolen from us to fund this dark, ugly and rotting death cult system of control) were used to pay people in corrupt positions of power to tell the injured or the families of the dead, "we don't know exactly what killed or crippled you or your family members, but we know for sure it wasn't the vaccine". It only makes sense if you don't think about it.

Welcome to how the ruling 1% control the slave class, through poisoning, within a multi-generational crime syndicate, disguised as government. The ruling group sounds the alarm, the media sells the poison as the solution and the people in the white butcher coats (and their underlings in the blue or green scrubs) deliver the poison into the slave class......to keep the slave class under control until the next psy-op is organized. It's a triangular crossfire for the ages........the government, the media and the smiling assassins in the white butcher coats. Wake up, everyone else is. Wake up or perish. The choice is yours. Harsh reality or cozy illusion. The harsh reality will help you live and the cozy illusion is where a premature death awaits you and your family members. Make a choice and walk into the light or walk into the darkness. The choice is yours. I have walked into the light and my life gets better every single day. 


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