20 Red Flags Many People Ignored In 2020

Nov 29, 2023


Group pressure is an immense invisible force, in regards to getting humans to do illogical and irrational things. The more irrational and illogical things you want humans to engage in, the more group pressure must be injected into the equation or social situation. If you would like to see a short presentation on the psychological mind control tactics used against the public during COVID (most of those tactics being based on group pressure) please watch the short video below. As we can see by this list of red flags, which many people ignored from 2020 onward, plenty of group pressure had to be involved. 



1. It takes on average 12-15 years to bring a vaccine to market, under the standard vaccine guidelines, with nearly 95% of all proposed vaccines being denied approval somewhere in that 12-15 year trial period. The COVID shot was ready to go in approximately 10 months. 

2. The government had to change the definition of the medical term vaccine, in order to fit the COVID non-vaccine, into the legal vaccine category. 

3. Although a regular vaccine, using regular vaccine technology, takes approximately 12-15 years to reach an approval stage (where it's given the green light to be used on humans) the COVID injection didn't fall into the category of a regular vaccine. The mRNA technology platform (used within the COVID injection) was never used in any vaccine prior and was never used on humans ever before in history. This means the approval process of the new mRNA vaccine technology was more likely to be in the 20–25-year range, if proper testing was applied. 

4. Moderna was a company who had never produced one vaccine in its entire corporate history. In fact, Moderna was only founded in 2019 and it had never even produced one pharmaceutical product ever, before it was given the green light to make a new vaccine, using a never before tested technology and then to provide that product to billions of people. It only makes sense if you don't think about it. (correction - this point was taken from a source that was incorrect, Moderna was founded in 2010 and was involved in a minor way with vaccine production in its 10 year history, before pursuing a new vaccine process in 2020)

5. At the time of COVID, Pfizer had already received the largest criminal fines for willful, immoral, dangerous, fatal and unethical conduct in the history of any corporation in recorded history.

6. The media, government and pharmaceutical companies all guaranteed that the shots were completely safe and effective, while at the same time the shot manufacturers were given blanket legal immunity against all death and injury caused by the shot. If something is safe and effective, why do you need to be protected when the same product kills and injures people?

7. The COVID injections were only authorized and not approved, which means they skipped all animal testing studies, which sometimes can take over a decade.

8. When the mRNA technology was tested on animals long before 2020, all test animals either died or became extremely ill, via massive decreases in immunity or by aggressive and illogical immune responses to somewhat harmless challenges to the immune system. 

9. As animal studies were bypassed and human trials began for the COVID injection, whistle blowers emerged immediately from inside many of those studies saying that the trials were ripe with fraud. Although injected trial subjects were in fact dying or getting severely injured after their trial injections, many of those patient files went missing, were simply ignored, were hidden away from the public....and/or omitted from final reports. 

10. Government officials said that they were openly going to count anyone that died from any cause as a COVID death in 2020 going forward, in order to inflate the fear of COVID in a fraudulent way. 

11. Governments decided to use the RT-PCR test to confirm if someone had a COVID infection, when the RT-PCR has no ability to confirm or deny any infection in a patient and never has been used as a sole diagnostic tool to determine infection. The test for COVID (the RT-PCR) is a random number generator, where healthy people (having no symptoms) are told they're infected. The COVID casino was like any other casino, the odds are always stacked in favor of the house.

12. During the declared pandemic outbreak, there were no excess deaths listed in any country, anywhere in the world. No excess deaths above base line means there was never an emergency. There was an emergency on the propaganda weapon we call a TV but in real life, there was never anything to fear or respond to.

13. Even if you believe COVID was a thing, which is the subject of much debate, the survival rate after infection was approximately 99.3%. Your chances of survival every single day are 99%, as 1% of the population die every year. COVID symptoms were also equal to the common cold. The public were told to be afraid of a cold but not afraid of anything discussed on this short list. This list could be 100 items long.

14. The government purposely defined "being officially vaccinated" as surviving 14 days after the patient's last COVID injection. This means there was a 14-day window, after injection, where you could die from the shot.....and you would still be counted as unvaccinated. Statistics show a record number of reported deaths within 72 hours of injection, yet they were all reported as being in the unvaccinated because of the government rule change. This led to the pandemic of the "unvaccinated" propaganda, when the vast majority of people dying were the people who waited patiently for their shots. Those deaths were reported as being in people who were "unvaccinated", which drove more people into get their shots, which in turn caused more deaths.....and so on and so on. At that time, it was like trying to put out fire with gasoline. 

15. As Pfizer was pressured (after their COVID injection was already authorized for public use) for all their official records during their COVID injection research trials months earlier, Pfizer petitioned the US judge to hide from the public and keep secret......those exact files for 75 years. Nothing says trust the science more than locking the science in a vault for 75 years, so no one can see it.  Pfizer's request was denied.

16.  Authors, researchers and social commentaries exposing these facts (and more) were censored as a rule worldwide, therefore treating the public like children who didn't have the capacity to make up their own minds, if given a wide variety of viewpoints on the same topic.  

17. Pfizer's CEO said he didn't take the vaccine himself because he wanted to make sure everyone else got their shot first. 

18. Bill Gates is a known eugenicist and comes from a family who is open about their belief in eugenics. A eugenicist is a person who believes in murdering people of lower genetic stock at will, if they think the weaker stock would pollute the human gene line and cause more trouble than they're worth. Bill Gates also said in earlier speeches (before 2020) that vaccines were integral for reducing the population. Bill Gates who holds no medical or science degree, was the main spokesperson for the COVID operation, in the initial stages of 2020 and 2021. Bill Gates also was cited on Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs over 30 times, so we know he's a very moral, ethical and just man.

19. Hospitals that were said to be bursting with COVID admissions were proven empty and emergency pop up tents across the world were forced to shut because there were no sick people to treat, before the experimental vaccines rolled out. Only after the COVID shot got into arms, did excess deaths skyrocket and the hospitals become busy again.

20. In 1976 the swine flu vaccine had to be recalled after 50 deaths worldwide. In the first weeks of the COVID injection roll out in late 2020 and early 2021, official government records documented thousands of deaths in the US alone (attributed to the injection), with that number estimated now to be nearly 700,000 dead Americans directly from the COVID injection. The COVID injection is still being pushed by media, government, medicine and science. 

If you want to learn what's really going on. Here are  two citations. Citation #1, click the video below and watch it. Or click here for 96 documentaries proving everything said in this article, plus much more hidden from the public of course. 


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