Do You Want A Better Life For Yourself? If You Do, Never Shy Away From The Hard Day.....Ever. It's That Simple.

Dec 08, 2021
The consequences of laziness are massive. For example, when I was young, I wanted some muscles but I was lazy. I didn't want to do the hard work so I gravitated toward steroids. I didn't want to eat perfectly and I didn't want to do the hard work in the gym, to get muscles naturally. (the way the creator designed it to be) I was lazy. I wanted something for nothing. I wanted a short cut. I wanted to cheat myself, cheat nature, cheat my community and cheat my own personal evolution. Hard work makes you a better person. Things that are worth having always require more work and that hard work changes your soul into a better version of itself, a more evolved version of yourself, which in turn benefits the entire tribe.
Me taking steroids is North American living in a nutshell. People want health and immunity by living lies and injecting poison. That's not only lazy, but it's also actually a symptom of mental illness. Heaven forbid you live the truth and put in the hard work to be healthy. Why work hard and learn life changing discipline when you can roll your sleeve for a toxic lied based vaccine and get a free donut on the way out? Of course this concept of "health = eating or injecting poison" is most popular in the laziest societies. People who work hard know that such a concept is complete and total lie-ahria but that's not the only lazy and inverted philosophy we're embracing down here on planet mental asylum.
The lazy variant is everywhere today. People want better bodies by dropping those bodies off at the cosmetic surgeon. No hard work. Just inject what I desire into me or suck some of me out, via some suction based dystopian machine. Plenty of people are lazy. They don't even want to think, so they let the TV think for them. They don't even want to run their own lives, so they let the government tell them what to do every single day. Lazy. They don't even want to create their own incomes, so they seek out employers to boss them around every single day. "Tell me what to do and run my life for me"......says the lazy person. I was that lazy person at one time. Many will suck hard on the government tit, like dependent infants, because it's the easiest road to travel. If you don't walk the hard road, you never evolve from child to adult. You never live a good life. You never live an empowered existence. That means your life gets worse overtime, as an absolute guarantee. 
A society of perpetual infants is pretty easy to control. If you don't know what that means, look out the widow today at the masses of people who've never faced a hard day in their entire lives and therefore are living lives as the perpetual teenager. When we're lazy and when we fear the hard day, the hard time or the hard decision...we not only screw our own lives up, we destroy the very society in which we live. As we can see today the vipers of evil are upon us because most people are lazy and fear the hard day. Forget pushing back with lethal force to protect life, liberty and happiness. Forget that because protecting ourselves may involve a hard day.
Most people are willingly allowing evil to exist in our current time because their friends (moron #1 and moron #2 down at the coffee shop) would shun them if they decided to finally face the hard day. That's how lazy some people are right now. They would rather die themselves, destroy their community, destroy their economy, destroy their children, destroy their grandchildren and destroy their own God given DNA...RATHER THAN face the hard day where Joe and Jane Coffee Shop may say a bad word about them. God can't believe how efficient the devil was with making his creation too lazy to even protect their own lives or protect the lives of their children. A society this lazy won't make it but every society isn't like this and it's up to every person who isn't lazy to get up and find those other societies....and make a move. Get moving on your hard day.
Some folks don't even want to entertain themselves or their kids, so everyone just sits there, shitting their diapers, in front of a screen. Some folks don't want to grow their own food, so they let evil companies grow nutritionally void produce and spray that produce with pesticide poison. Some folks don't want to cook their own food, so they order out for toxic delivery, using their mouths as garbage compactors...eating things that would make a maggot vomit. This is the North American dream that has consumed us whole...take the lazy road and get infected with the lazy variant.
People can't even put in the effort to turn off their devices, breathe deeply, stretch, get a massage AND RELAX. They go for the brain destructive alcohol, a cancer causing joint or the sedative medication given to them by their doctor (who hands out toxic meds rather than telling people to get healthy and face their hard day in the process). All this is happening when the creator already made us a system where you can always get better (and your society would always get better) if you did what it really took to get what you really wanted. Get healthy and medical drugs won't get you there.. Lie down with your partner and relax without a screen blaring. You don't need alcohol or to smoke a joint. You don't need poison. Poison can't make you  healthy. Poison doesn't work like that.
Even today with dating, most people don't even go out and talk to each other anymore because porn is so readily available. Why date would you go have a good pull in the bathroom and not put out the effort that the creator designed for us, so we evolve into the best versions of ourselves? Laziness almost destroyed me in almost every way under the sun. Don't let it destroy you. Get to work. Face the hard day. Grow. Evolve. Make yourself better. Make your community better. ONE life under God. Not one life under Satan. Simple stuff. Make it happen.

Becoming as independent as you can is no longer an option, it's an obligation to all of humanity. Taking back your health, your personal power and your income generation is how this dark, ugly and rotting system will be taken down. You will need strength to face your hard day and deal with that hard day effectively. Everyone will put their backs into this drive to become stronger and more independent once again. Click below to see how I can help you achieve everything in that area of empowerment, in order that you and your family step into a better life in 2024. Take control, step into what needs to be done, take action and do your part. Learn from teachers who have already climbed the mountain. Click the image below for the full details of your new path. 


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