15 Minute Cities - A Closer Look

Jan 30, 2023

Here in Canada, the 15 minute-city is well underway. We have Edmonton stepping up first it appears. We also have Peterborough Ontario adding their hat into the ring shortly after Edmonton started to use public money toward an advertising campaign for the 15 minute city concept. As you can see in this article from a local Peterborough newspaper, the citizens are explained this concept in glowing terms. Citizens are told to imagine the utopia that awaits them. A direct quote from the Peterborough newspaper leads the reader mentally toward a green utopian future where there's equality, happiness and equity for all.... "Imagine being able to walk your kids to school or daycare, commute to work, enjoy recreational opportunities, and be able to pick up what you need from the store. Imagine being able to do all that while always being within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from your residence"

What the citizens aren't being told is that 15-minute cities block everyone's freedom to travel outside their designated zone and even block everyone's freedom to travel within their own city. Inside the 15-minute city you are forbidden to shop freely in other stores outside your designated zone and you're forbidden to freely visit family outside your district or zone.....all of which are the gravest infringements of basic human rights. The phrase "human rights" is derived from the word "right", meaning the right thing to do for each person in order that each human is happy, satisfied and unstressed in their time here on the earth. The article wants to help the citizens imagine walking to school or daycare but doesn't tell the public that their cars eventually will be made illegal and therefore their freedom to choose how they travel in a snowstorm for example or based on preference is being removed without political representation. What the citizens aren't being told is that this represents taxation without representation, where a small group of politicians (who are being controlled by other forces) are now extorting public funds (under the threat of further extortion or jail time) in order to use the public's own money to illegally and unlawfully control the people with immoral concepts, such as the 15-minute city

What the public isn't being told is that the utopia of walking to a store to get your groceries will end with you entering a big box store in your area because no small independent businesses will ever survive long term, in a situation where the people from other zones or districts aren't permitted to execute commerce freely in their own city. With independent businesses absent from the economic landscape, options are now being eroded away from anyone wanting other food or product choices........like organic farming options found just outside your zone or district. The only "food options" will be what's provided by the big box corporate stores, which have never been bastions of healthy product selection.

It all sounds great that you can walk and ride a bike within 15 minutes of your home to all the dream destinations that the politicians want you to imagine but what about if you want more in your life? What about if you want more in your life than what's in the immediate 15-minute biking area? The answer is..........they're not telling you what really awaits you because if they told you the truth, you would never go along with any of it. There's also a good chance that the public would mount both legal and criminal challenges against any government officials involved with such a project. Are 15-minute cities modern day internment camps, with some media and government window dressing? It's worth a discussion and debate, which the authorities are refusing to have with the very public they're trying to trick into the 15 minute city concept.  

We also see the article talking about greening the city, like the government's actual role is the health of the people via a government structured healthy living environment. I would like people to think long and hard about the government's track record regarding the health of the people, especially over the past 3 years.....in order to understand what this 15-minute city concept really is. We also see the use of the word "community" instead of "individual" in the article. Community is an abstract term and individuals are real live people. The real live people are being told to give up their basic human rights and freedoms to the benefit of the community but when has a community of half a million people or more (removed of their basic human rights) ever produced a happier, healthier and more satisfying community? How do people stripped of their individual human rights suddenly become a happy community....given they are provided less options, less freedoms and less resources that all societies need to evolve and progress? What are we missing here? The answers are obvious and we will leave this article today with a short video below of a Holocaust survivor talking about the methods by which "the government" told them that getting to the work camps would end in a much safer and better way of life for them.

If you can't leave the 15-minute city without a permit, does it qualify as a work camp and if there's a food shortage, water shortage, electrical shortage......then what? What happens when the 15-minute work camp becomes unlivable, but you're not permitted to leave because all your day passes have been used up? Let's take a look at what work camps looked like 70 years ago.  Let's also understand that I will be explaining much more about these 15-minute cities in upcoming articles. The government isn't telling the public what these 15-minute cities are really for. It's time for everyone to pay much closer attention and remember the past. The name of this documentary is NEVER AGAIN NOW. Please focus on the NOW part of the title because she's saying NOW for a reason. 


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