10 Things My Old Man Self Would Say To My Young Man Self - If We Ever Met

Aug 09, 2023
1. Don't watch TV or movies. They're purposely designed to program your mind with negative repetitive content, proven to hack the subconscious behavior system. The movies and TV shows are hand crafted to provide feminizing and dis-empowering role modelling to men. Don't waste one second of your life watching a screen. The screens are there to misinform, indoctrinate, entrain, and program dis-empowering  behaviors/beliefs into the subconscious. If you're going to use a screen, make sure you're serving the public in a way where you become independently wealthy because you provide value to others.
2. Avoid plastics, as they're proven to interfere with male hormones and they certainly are proven to decrease male birth rates plus feminize males who happen to be born. Use glass as much as possible.
3. Personal care products are loaded with phalates, which have the same gender bending estrogen mimicking affect on the body. Use only organic products, free of chemicals.
4. Work out for strength and stretch to maintain flexibility. This will maximize testosterone and growth hormone levels, both hormones being essential to maximize positive male attributes.
5. Never believe the propaganda and repetitive mind control about toxic masculinity. This is a well crafted psychological operation by the ancient families who masquerade as our altruistic governments and unbiased media sources. Their agendas show their weaknesses and what they're afraid of. They're afraid of the strong, clean, focused, ethical, moral, and independent males. They want you weak, immoral, soulless, and dependent. Don't let them. Fight their agenda tooth and nail.
6. Self educate. Never allow the government to control your knowledge, your information, or your education. The government school system is there to feed you via job focus into a dark, rotting and soulless existence, where you provide your energy to power the destruction of everyone and everything you need to be a happy, evolutionary and progressive human being. If the government is offering something for free, use your head.....it's a trap. Study empowering content and learn from empowered humans living their dreams. Focus on anything that keeps you living an independent life, outside the poison/brainwashing control grid.
7. Don't worry about dying. Everyone dies. The people who rule you use a fear of death to tyrannical control your every move and trap you in a prison without walls. Everyone dies. Better a short life doing what you love than a long life lived in a miserable way. In reality, you'll always live a longer more successful life outside the system.....because inside the system, your human farmers mind control you 24 hours per day to ingest and inject poison, in order to keep you numb to your pain. Fear nothing other than a meaningless and empty life. The most effective poisons that your human farmers use to keep you weak, dumbed down and under mind control are coffee, alcohol, sugar, junk food, take out food, nicotine, medical drugs/injections and narcotics.
8. Run your life like a business. Efficiency, focus, profitability, keep pushing, goal setting, goal accomplishment, growth, expansion and evolution. You would never expect a business to run well if everyone working there was overweight, medicated, addicted, dependent, childlike and inefficient.....so don't be any of those things in your own life. Run your life like a business and take your success seriously. Rule your 2 foot by 2 foot country called "YOU" like the most moral, ethical and fair ruler in the land. Once you master ruling your own life, only then can you add positive energy to the community around you.
9. Make freedom and independence your goal....and get as much of that as you can, as fast as you can. Don't get baited down with the mortgage, the big car payment, the expensive wedding and all the other trappings people use to decorate a directionless life while living inside the toxin and indoctrination based control grid. What you own owns you. Build a big business, service people well, be honorable, be ethical, be moral, always stay healthy and sell that business as it's hitting its peak. Invest your money in assets that grow in value overtime, keep your energy circulating for the benefit of the tribe, flex your power when you need to, never abuse that power and get out of the system as fast as you can. Don't tunnel into the prison like most people do.... tunnel out of it. Freedom and do what you love. That's the goal. Ready, fire, aim.....in that order. Leaders call mistakes "lessons" or "experience". Remember that and be your best.
10. If you find yourself in the majority in most situations, you're doing something wrong and there's a good chance you're placing yourself in extreme danger on top of that. If you're going to have a child or children, find someone else who is your equal, someone who works just as hard as you do and someone who understands the dangers of walking lock step with the consensus trance and fitting in with the system. Make a pact with that partner, keep the government out of your union and pledge protection of that child's health to the death. If you can't find someone who is your equal or who will make that pack, carry forward on your own and keep looking for the appropriate partner because a healthy, happy and self-educated child is the ultimate weapon against the system....which already enslaves billions across the planet. Live a great life and leave a legacy, including a child or children who will also lead by example for others. Most people have kids, only to drop their kids off to people in white butcher coats for state poisoning and to the schools for state brainwashing. Do the opposite of that and save your children.
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