10 Important Points About North American Society

Nov 26, 2022

Watch the Video Before Reading The List Below: 

1. They dumbed us down purposely so we're easier to rule

2. The TV and movie screens were developed purposely as military weapons, proven to modify a person's behavior after they look into the screens for only seconds

3. All chemicals enhance this effect of the TV and movie screen to modify our behavior

4. The behavior modification programs run through the TV and movie screens focus on removing morality and ethics from the population (moving away from the concept of God), while increasing the consumption of chemicals.......which in turn enhances the overall changes in behavior desired. Watching the screens can program any behavior into the viewer desired. Having the viewer infused with chemicals simply makes it easier.

5. You can't farm lions, only lambs. A society of moral, ethical, healthy and independent humans can't be placed in slavery. A society of immoral, unethical, diseased and dependent humans can easily be controlled, governed. lied to, manipulated and stolen from.

6. The screen behavior programs in the TV programs and in the movies were also purposely littered with behavior modification content that made moronic behavior popular and comic. This agenda focused on making sure adults stayed acting, thinking and talking like children long into their adult years....in order to prime the psyche for child like life long dependency. Adults who think, talk and act like children are most easily ruled...even if they occupy adult bodies.

7. The people coordinating what's happening right now do this at regular intervals on this planet and run a human animal farming operation. Raising the humans as any farm animal would be raised and then removing them (harvesting them), in order to steal their wealth. After that there's a reseeding of the farm with younger humans (usually children or infants), who get lied to about what happened....and the entire human farming operation begins again. This is why the "officials" on your screen are so nonchalant about all the obvious issues, lies and carnage.....because they've done this same cycle every 120 years or so for thousands of years. They do need to trick you to destroy yourself but that's what they're masters at......tricking you to destroy yourself and to destroy each other.

8. What you see in this video attached is the end product of the operation I am describing, just prior to harvest time, when the human animals are too dazed, stunned, lazy, sick, addicted and confused to defend themselves against their very ancient human farmers. It's just harvest time for the people who rule us, just like it's harvest time for the beef farmer in your area.

9. This entire operation runs on two foundational pillars. 1) indoctrination and 2) mind control. The new human cattle are first convinced that lies are the truth, regarding the human farming operation (during the farm reseeding phase) and the poisons riddled through the human farm retard brain function, in order to lubricate the indoctrination process. Lies and poison. Lies and poison. Lies and poison. It's not a complex farming operation.

10. This can all be turned around at any time, by people realizing that this is a cycle. Given that the entire human farming operation runs on indoctrination (lies) and poison. the solutions are simple. Find the truth and remove the poison......and the human farming operation will collapse in short order.



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