5 Agendas Our Youth Need To Know About

Feb 03, 2024

The businesses I've opened myself, partnered in or mentored others to open....have grossed over $250 million dollars. I've been in business, supporting myself (with the help of my customers) for over 30 years. I graduated McGill University in 1994 and had my first business open within 10 months. I can tell you that even in this short time period, it's really easy to see the decline of our youth, on absolutely every level possible. Their health is in decline. Their IQ's are in decline. Their work ethic is in decline and their motivation to succeed independently is also in decline. That's a short list and it's more than troubling because a society filled with humans like this can't survive or possibly sustain itself, which of course is the end goal of the ancient group organizing this controlled demolition from behind the scenes. 

Because of this, I'll be branching off my extremely popular POWER IN YOU PROGRAM, to launch a BRAND-NEW program for our youth, where I'll teach our children how their reality really works, what the end goals are and how not to walk so willingly into the ancient sacrificial volcano.....which awaits all our children if we don't interfere with their media mind control and state indoctrination. This program will be for youth, ages 13-22.

Details of this new program will be coming out soon and more details are also listed at the bottom of this article. This new program will also allow parents to sit in on every LIVE session, in order to educate and judge the material as well. My approach and material will be tailored specifically to our youth. My end goal is have our youth regain their personal power and strength in the key 5 pillar areas.......physical, financial, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. Homeschoolers and unschoolers are also welcome to join in and watch the replays with their groups. This is how empowered people like myself build alternate systems.....which uplift, enlighten and empower. 

Here are 5 agendas that our youth need to learn about from educators like me. There are many other agendas to educate upon of course and there's lots of dot connecting that needs to be put out on full display.

1. The government school system is designed to dumb down the children and destroy their creativity. This is why our youth are failing, because the system is designed to make sure they fail. This short video needs to be watched by all our youth.

2. The children are constantly bombarded with chemicals, toxins and poisons that destroy their brain function. The overall agenda of this poison-based tsunami is to weaken children, so they're perpetually dependent on government. Weak and dependent people are easier to rule, govern, steal form, lie to, control, manipulate and even euthanize.....like Canada's new youth MAID system. Currently the youth of our modern era are the weakest generation in recorded history because of these chemicals, toxins and poisons. All of this is by design and our children aren't born sick, they're made sick purposely by the system....for ease of rule purposes. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains.

 3. Group pressure is proven 9 times more intense for children than for adults. This psychological group pressure, which is natural in all humans, is weaponized against the children in government schooling, so that our children comply more with the government's disempowering and dependency inducing curriculum. The human nervous system isn't mature enough during our youth to safely determine and filter out disempowering belief systems and ideas that will only serve to destroy our lives in the future. Confidence, success and morality destroying ideas are purposely taught to children inside the government school system. The minds of our youth are extremely fertile, and this is why the government strikes at our youth in their earliest years, to plant dependency and disempowering belief systems into them before they have a chance to understand what mind control, propaganda, psychological manipulation and brainwashing are all about. Our youth don't stand a chance. It's now time to level the playing field and warn our children directly.

4. Our children are constantly taught to believe lies as truth. Our children are taught to repeat the lies of known liars, for tidbits of positive enforcement given to them by perceived authority figures (like teachers) and also by their own parents unfortunately. Children are given praise, awards and public acknowledgment for living out ideas and belief systems that are proven false, fraudulent and fabricated on all fronts. Our children are being rewarded for believing bold face lies. This reward system for blind faith compliance is part and parcel of standard mind control research. Because our human nervous system doesn't seek truth, it only seeks safety, truth can easily be left behind when living out lies and when our belief in false hoods come with more safety signals compared to us acting as empowered individuals.....who are strong enough to reject these systematic lies and walk in the opposite direction. One false belief pushed through the system is a belief that science and science poison can improve health and improve life outcomes in general. Vaccines are simply one arm of this general science bias, driven into the fertile minds of our youth, which again is part and parcel of the 2nd point in this list.....regarding poisoned people being weak and weak people being easier to rule, dominate and control. This short video can kick start a deeper level of thinking in your youth, regarding the idea that poison can improve heath or overall life outcomes in general. Poison can't heal or improve health. Poison doesn't work like that.

 5. Students are constantly taught, either directly or indirectly, that government is an altruistic force that exists to protect them and watch out for their best interests at all times. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we teach our children lies and our youth live out those lies as truth, only bad things can happen in their lives. Lies bring pain. Truth brings happiness. Believing this falsehood about an altruistic government puts our youth in a very vulnerable and dangerous situation, leaving them open to corrupted government psychological manipulations of all kinds in the future. The government maintains its power by destroying ours and that's the general cornerstone of this entire control system that our youth are drowning in. This video below has a warning on it but you can simply bypass it by clicking "Watch on YouTube" and then click through again....that you understand the "warning" and that you wish to watch anyway. Find out what government really is and why it exists.  

If you know someone who is between 13 and 22 and you know that they would derive a massive benefit from improving their 5 pillars of strength, please email my assistant Andrea at [email protected] and ask to be put on the waiting list for the YOUTH POWER IN YOU PROGRAM. This program will roll out in early spring 2024 and it will be affordable for every budget.


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