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A Deep Dive Into The World of Unschooling With Jason Christoff & Tasha Fishman

Learn About The Current State of Our Educational System & Curriculums

Access to Private Unschooling Communities & Resources

Unschooling Outreach For Parents Around The World


Every presentation and year included has different content, most of which has been scrubbed off the internet, and holds deep value for you and your family that we know you'll enjoy. It is more necessary now than ever to consider unschooling, and we'd love to dive in with you. This program will give you access to FOUR separate presentations and offers you much of the best of what Jason has to offer including:


  • A deep dive into the world of Unschooling with Tasha Fishman and Jason Christoff


  • A thorough Q&A addressing many of the myths, concerns and important questions shared by many parents, advocates alike


  • A guide to raising healthy children from pregnancy to adulthood


  • Four weeks of access to Tasha's Unschooling the Mind lectures


  • An additional four weeks of access to Tasha's Unschooling the Mind community app


AND a free, immensely valuable bonus presentation of your choosing below! Explore four amazing presentations for the price of one. Start with our 2022 Overcoming self-sabotage talk and work your way backward to both fortify your understanding and expand your overcoming self-sabotage toolbox allowing your family to continue stepping toward their best life. Also do not forget that this package includes live contact with our reprogramming expert who is a Marissa Peer-certified RTT therapist whom you can reach out to anytime to receive custom reprogramming modalities to ensure your success.


Screenshots From Our Program

In-person Connection

Choose An Included Bonus Program Below At No Extra Cost!


a) All my overcoming of self sabotage presentations.....2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022

b) Overcoming Wealth-Based Self Sabotage

c) Overcoming Health Based Self Sabotage 

d) The Attack on Men and How Men Can Find Their Way Again

e) Mind Control, Brainwashing and Psychological Manipulation

f) Cancer Prevention and Reversal


Please reach out to Chris at [email protected] after your purchase to select which free bonus item above you'd like to bundle with your purchase!

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18 Monthly Payments (Ő∂WAS $Ő∂7Ő∂1Ő∂.Ő∂7Ő∂7Ő∂ USD)Ő∂

  • Access to 10 weeks of LIVE Zoom lectures and Q&A
  • Entire POWER IN YOU library access
  • Join a private like-minded social community as well as the opportunity to connect in person for 6-days and tons of other bonus material!
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  • Access to over 6-hours of presentation, Q&A and bonuses!
  • Access to all Monday live group-parenting coaching sessions with Tasha - for the entire month of September!
  • A free month of our Unschooling The Mind community app & more!
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One-Time Payment

  • Access to over 6-hours of presentations and Q&A and bonuses!
  • Access to all Monday live group-parenting coaching sessions with Tasha - for the entire month of September!
  • A free month of our Unschooling The Mind community app & more!

Program FAQ's


What Makes Jason's Programs Different?

 Jason is one of the only people on the planet who clearly explains how media and government are directly involved in programming you to self sabotage your entire life, into various forms of struggle and failure. Jason's research is original and he uses real-world examples that are easy to understand. You won't see any of this material offered anywhere else. 

Will Jason's Information Make My Life Better?

Absolutely! It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman or a child.........this information is extremely important in order to add stability to one's life, one's home, one's spirit, one's relationship and one's community. Once you explore any of Jason's programs, your life will get better instantly as the true design of our society comes instantly into focus. Only when you know what holds you back, can you become a better version of yourself.

Are There People Who Have Already Been Successful Using Jason's Information?

Yes, Jason has an amazing track record with a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is offered, yet very few people use it because they thoroughly enjoy the material and their ability to contact Jason at any time they wish. Jason's programs address the fundamental corruption across our entire society and therefore provide the perfect educational backdrop so people can start self engineering a better way to live and exist on this planet. This program will change your life for the better and not just by a little bit. By leaps and bounds. Jason guarantees it or you don't have to pay. 

Do I Get to Contact Jason If I Have Any Questions?

Absolutely! This goes without saying. This is something Jason insists on. You can reach out to Jason personally at any time with any questions you may have. Jason wants everyone to be their best and he dedicates his life to making that happen for thousands of people every year across the world.

What Problems Can This Information Solve?

Come join an empowered tribe of like minds where solutions are tabled to protect your children from the government mind control, which is designed to make you diseased, dis-empowered, depressed, dysfunctional, disoriented and bankrupt on every level imaginable.

Also Explore Our All-inclusive Pass Today For Many More Valuable Resources!

Get started on your path and join hundreds of others and achieve the life you were meant for. This Power In You offer is however unfortunately not included in our all-inclusive pass. Yet you can find so much additional value at the click of a button below - please feel free to also assess our all-inclusive option!

Start understanding what roadblocks have been placed in your way holding you back from living your best life and achieving success!

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