Podcast #185 - Jason Christoff - The Death Cult And Its Hatred of Life

International COVID Summit - https://www.internationalcovidsummit.com/

Mattias Desmet explains clearly why lonely, depressed and hopeless people are prime to be controlled by media and government - https://bit.ly/3FEztmf

David Icke talks about "here and no more" - the people telling half truths and leading the public astray -https://bit.ly/47mX1aT

Vaccine Choice Canada - donate if you can please - https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/

IT'S ALL FAKE - my podcast how just how fake everything COVID really is - https://bit.ly/3MuoQGb

Steve Kirsh - 250,000 US citizens murdered now by the fake COVID vaccine and most people dying within a couple days of an injection- https://bit.ly/46ZRhEg

Naomi Wolf clearly explains the fraud behind the COVID shots, in regards to the fraudulent and fake testing of the injection, which of course never happened - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wv_HXWVrQs

Medical doctor comes forward to explain clearly that the COVID injection was designed to kill and cripple - https://bit.ly/3FWcHGl

Cult of The Medics - a 9 part documentary explaining just how old this death cult really is and how they're hiding in government, media and most of our once trusted institutions -https://bit.ly/46rMjAh

Dr. William Makis Substack - very good at exposing what the public is hiding - https://substack.com/@makismd

My Matthew Perry article -https://bit.ly/3QzFjvg

Emergency survival podcast that includes the detox to get the vaccine ingredients out of your system - https://bit.ly/3SwiMRm

The documentary Vaxxed where it was indirectly exhibited that higher testosterone levels block the detox of toxic vaccine ingredients -https://odysee.com/@DotConnectorReports:e/VAXXED-(FULL-DOCUMENTARY):c