Podcast #162 - Jason Christoff - The Truth About Polio Final

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Here's the polio article - bit.ly/3Ss06hY

14 COVID documentaries - proving that everything COVID was always a lie - bit.ly/3TNqGDB

the COVID injections were never vaccines by definitions - bit.ly/3CWPfHd

fake COVID vaccine killing and crippling en masse - bit.ly/3eRFnXs

Democide - word that means murdered by government - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democide

My podcast "Have They Do This Before" - and I mean "killing everyone so they can steal all our stuff" - bit.ly/3sk0dla

Derek Sloan interviews lawyer in Canada regarding the government breaking every law on the books - bit.ly/3DlKsjZ

Here's the polio article - bit.ly/3Ss06hY

Dr Sam Bailey on the polio scam - bit.ly/3W3qwKj

Viruses don't exist - bit.ly/3z4knDr - bit.ly/3sjoJ5X - paradigmshift.uscreen.io/

Mind control documentaries - bit.ly/3MVTDen

HIV/AIDS scam documentary "Fauci's First Fraud" - bit.ly/3CU4W1X and a medical doctor injects himself with blood from an AIDS patient because he knows it's all a scam - bit.ly/3TP80U1

Death by Ventilator - Podcast with lots of citations - bit.ly/3TjanOV

Dr Blaylock explains how hospitals were paid to kill patients with ventilators and Remdesivir - bit.ly/3TB5mRA

SARS-COV-2 never isolated - this documentary and this short film - bit.ly/3SqzvlD and bit.ly/3VPIcJ2

Measles virus never isolated either and that's when scientists started to ask questions - bit.ly/3DmlQry

RT-PCR is not a test and it tests for nothing so why is it being used as a test for COVID - bit.ly/3F0PaoF

3D printed meat - bit.ly/3VURyU6

Bill Gates wants to block out the sun - bit.ly/3skmn6Y

Climate change hoax - bit.ly/3TM8Osu

Fluoride causes cancer and brain damage - www.youtube.com/watch?v=fecW3fhakH0 and fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/