Podcast #155 - Jason Christoff - Why Can't I Lose Weight and Stay Healthy?

Max Major AGT- bit.ly/3dpf8qb

SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 never proven to exist -bit.ly/3JOncwz

Just Go With It - Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston - Pizza Hut and Pepsi scene -bit.ly/3zTq1br

Hollywood Magic Symbols - wood of the Hollie Tree - Hollywood uses ancient black magic mind control to cast dark spells over the public- bit.ly/3vWBtl4

ASK YOUR DOCTOR - if this poison is right for you -bit.ly/3bNNDWN

Fake COVID vaccine killing and crippling en masse - it's not a vaccine - it doesn't provide immunity to any disease and it doesn't reduce contagion - so why are people taking it - MIND CONTROL is the answer - bit.ly/3QzC83Y

Alcohol is a modern weapon of war - consumed by the public en masse because of repetitive content in all media - bit.ly/3Aelhy9

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