Podcast #153 - Jason Christoff - Special Tin Foil Hat And Swearing Edition

Killer Calendar article - bit.ly/3yNjD4J

Alcohol is a mega poison -bit.ly/3PBOSqd

Mind control documentaries - bit.ly/3OhFyH7

Junk food kills 11 million people every year on this planet - bit.ly/3Plr2iI

the nocebo effect - believing in doctors can actually kill you - if they say you got 2 months to live and you believe them - then you will usually only live 2 months - bit.ly/3yPTiTR

Paul Chek's book - "How to Eat, Move And Be Healthy" - the bible of health - bit.ly/3aRh4Xx


The EMF GUY - theemfguy.com/

The dangers of EMF - odysee.com/@NeilT:f/ABC-Catalyst-Wi-Fried:9

Blue Truth English subtitles - odysee.com/CC_2022_06_11_DocBluetruth_English:1

One of first scientists who found the graphene oxide in the fake vaccine vials - murdered but he got the word out first - bit.ly/3PG6Eca

COVID shots are not vaccines - bit.ly/3yO79Kc

COVID shots don't prevent COVID, transmission of COVID, deaths or hospitalizations but they do make slaves feel safer doing what the TV tells them to do -bit.ly/3coSttF

Fake COVID vaccines clotting the blood and killing en masse -bit.ly/3zc5hfH

Fake COVID vaccine killing and crippling en masse. - childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/de…vaers-data/