Podcast #134 - Jason Christoff - Have They Done This Before?

5% of batches obviously doing all the killing. A covert war strategy to kill people slowly, so the average Joe eventually kills themselves anywhere between the first shot and the 20th shot (5% kill rate means everyone's dead by the 20th shot and that's if they keep the same 5% ratio, which I don't believe they will do)- bit.ly/3g7JyLC

34 documentaries proving vaccines have always been weapons against the uninformed humans - bit.ly/3ALI6YN

Medical doctors and PhD scientists sound the alarm of the fake COVID vaccines - bit.ly/32K8FkF

Catherine Austin Fitts - Planet lockdown interviews -bit.ly/3s6DwR5 and bit.ly/34iYFza

Insurance companies marking a 40% increase in deaths in the 18-64 year old age ground - bit.ly/3rcQE7M

Dr. Toni Bark explains that antibodies from vaccination doesn't mean you're protect against disease - antibodies being produced after being injected with poison, doesn't mean your immune system improved - youtu.be/kX7fiAjNmiY

Chinese Ghost Cities - bit.ly/3s3xQXV

Would you believe the group we're dealing with right now are ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's - bit.ly/3IPMc53

The Lost and Hidden History of Flat Earth - bit.ly/3KSjVNb

You need 3 shots of poison to get into the weed and liquor stores in Quebec - killing the most sick first because the sick cost the government the most and the government is bankrupt - bit.ly/3s1XcW3

Shots causing cancer, which is the design - kill them quickly to save money - bit.ly/34he3fs

A lack of courage is the real epidemic - bit.ly/3oeKpyv

A lack of oxygen increase cancer - just another reason they want people wearing the masks - bit.ly/3o8fnYX

A story about weak men wearing masks and trying to force strong men to be weak like them - and how that affects females in a negative way - bit.ly/3gao5Sh

The fake COVID shots are killing people of all ages - everything from spontaneous abortions to seniors.......as the seniors were the first targets - just scroll down the list on articles on this page - bit.ly/3ul8ebE

This site also does a good job and detailing people dying or getting permanently injured after the shots - thecovidblog.com/

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