Podcast #106 - Jason Christoff- Satan Visits Canadian Children With Ice Cream and A Vaccine

Vaccine Ice Cream Clinic for Kids in Toronto - https://bit.ly/3yKeRnM

Medical doctors explaining what happened in animal studies for past COVID vaccine attempts, why these injections aren't vaccines by definition and what's coming for people potentially who have already been vaccinated - bit.ly/3leKC25 and bit.ly/3bLVVM5 and bit.ly/3lh7spB and - bit.ly/3cuOzLV and bit.ly/3tk6trD and bit.ly/3c1mEnT and bit.ly/2RG42T7 and.......the doctor said that no vaccinated person will survive bit.ly/3wsQ1a7 and bit.ly/3hPbypp and https://bit.ly/3wL2eXJ and https://bit.ly/34wJmQr

Vaccine deaths and injuries in the US - https://bit.ly/3uATt1a

Vaccine deaths and injuries in the EU - https://bit.ly/3c6EGEY

Vaccine "authorized" and not "approved" which means it can kill and cripple without penalty and that it skipped animal studies - https://bit.ly/34DnYbW

All vaccines never proven to reduce disease or increase resistance to disease - https://bit.ly/3vFreQ3

Dr. Toni Bark - antibodies after vaccination don't make people immune - https://bit.ly/3wIRvgw

COVID vaccine doesn't even fit the standard definition of a vaccine - https://bit.ly/2Tw3rE9 and is a gene therapy - meaning it changes your genetics

Vaccine makers immune to legal liability regarding vaccine induced death and injuries - https://cnb.cx/3wMMBzi

Bill Gates states vaccines are designed to reduce population - youtu.be/8BobKXkrt8M

Bill Gates and his family exposed - bit.ly/3sgL8iz

Gates and all eugenicists still targeting the minority population today for removal - bit.ly/3sfyeS9

Discover what eugenics is, from a historical perspective - bit.ly/3flONID

Gates paralyzing and killing children with toxic shots in Africa and India - https://bit.ly/3fElekU

The truth about polio - https://bit.ly/2Re3lAk

Media and silicon valley making sure to censor the truth and turn up the lies -


X Factor Winner exposes secret society poisoning the public - https://bit.ly/3yNG6xQ

Funny Bill Cooper told the EXACT same secret society story 45 years ago - https://bit.ly/3g03K1C

Government breaking all laws, including the Nuremberg Code against medical experimentation on uninformed citizens - https://bit.ly/3vIVnhu

Only 1% - 10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported - bit.ly/3egNjhN

No extra deaths in Canada from 2019 - 2020 - bit.ly/33aylDH

Deaths the same in the US between 2019 and 2020......and the survival rate for COVID is 99.96% - bit.ly/398Fd7Q

Connect the Dots - School designed to dumb down the kids
- archive.org/details/WeaponsOfMassInstruction
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUkeXs2cSJI
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeTZoks87OE

Medical system (nurses and doctors) always charged with killing the targets in most holocausts - https://bit.ly/3vDef1f

SARS-COV-2 as a virus never proven to exist - https://bit.ly/3fEq1TL

Teens survive COVID 100% of the time - so why a vaccine? - https://bit.ly/2Tw3rE9

Facebook making sure to hide vaccine truth from the public - https://bit.ly/3fCPJIg

Teen Injuries and deaths from the vaccine - here they come - https://bit.ly/34yNLSN

Magnets sticking to injection site - confirmed - bit.ly/3vBNnPc

Coronavirus is a common cold virus - (even though viruses don't exist in the way advertised whatsoever) - https://bit.ly/3fYPAOb

Disease is never proven to spread from person to person - click on the link which takes you to an article - bit.ly/3mlRAlt the article has within in the published study - click on the study and scroll down to where it says - EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

Mercury kills brain cells - https://bit.ly/3uAXDGk

Fluoride cases cancer https://bit.ly/3p47Zxe and brain damage https://bit.ly/3wL67fh

TV as a military weapon - https://bit.ly/3vE2Azo

Ben Levin - https://bit.ly/3p56UFt

Government pedophiles - https://bit.ly/3fTpOuG

COVID vaccine miscarriages - https://bit.ly/3yKjbDw