Podcast #116 - Jason Christoff - COVID Q @ A

Vaxxed Spreading COVID - https://bit.ly/2TPZNFA

Vaccinated are more COVID infected says the fake news but they're not really infected - they're sick from the shot and that was always the design - https://bit.ly/3A8t79E

Outbreak among the vaccinated - https://cnb.cx/3fsLA9b

Even worse - "none of the vaccines work anymore on anyone, so you all have to stay home" - https://bit.ly/3fm7jzF

COVID (as a virus) does not exist of course - https://bit.ly/3rUB8fB

SARS- COV-2 as a virus doesn't exist - https://bit.ly/3Cd0WIA

What's even worse - VIRUSES don't exist in anyway advertised and have never been proven to make us sick EVER - https://bit.ly/3rQQGRt

Graphene in the face masks - https://bit.ly/3A2S7iM
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines - https://bit.ly/3yhXrOK
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery - https://bit.ly/3jfmfkh
Graphene in the shots - https://bit.ly/3xwgV17

Vaccine documentaries - https://bit.ly/2TQ1Lps

Vaccine deaths in the US piling sky high with new lawsuits (based on insider testimony) that the actual count of vaccine induced deaths are much higher than the government is reporting.......and the government reported deaths are already astronomical - https://bit.ly/3jocvnY

Dr, Stephanie Seneff full interview with Dr. Joe Mercola - https://bit.ly/3C7WD1g

These injections aren't vaccinations - bit.ly/3k2g5Gf and https://bit.ly/2VpwWs8

Scientist trying to warn the public about magnetism laced mind/behavior control vaccines in 1995 - bit.ly/3rJ3qtv

Mind control documentaries - https://bit.ly/3foEEK4

The doctors and scientists at this added link will clearly explain that these vaccines have never been claimed to prevent any sickness or prevent anyone from spreading a sickness although the media lies to the public about this all the time - https://bit.ly/2WUs7rL

1000 COVID Stories of people killed and injured by the fake COVID vaccine - these stories are being blocked on social media very intensely - https://bit.ly/3jirK1x

World Bank Funding the "COVID Operation" until March 31st 2025 - funny how this "virus" knows when to stop attacking the TV watchers and works according to the agenda of the people who invented it in the first place - Page #1 - https://bit.ly/3A8wltM

UK scientist explains that the Pfizer injection destroys your immunity and now you're going to need boosters, which will again destroy your immunity even more - https://bit.ly/37ociLz

UK government admits that anyone stunned enough to get both shots of the poison will be dead or sick in this fall of 2021- clause 32 and 56 in their own report - bit.ly/2UbB26s

Dunning Kruger Effect - bit.ly/3lcp4oN and bit.ly/3C0FDdj

You don't have to list ingredients of vaccines when you declare an emergency and the emergency declaration was faked as well - there was never any emergency - bit.ly/3hBJNPu

These injections don't protect against any disease - https://bit.ly/2VpwWs8 and they are also experimental

Podcast explaining the financial advantage of getting rid of government staffers and seniors with this kill shot/clot shot fake vaccine - https://bit.ly/3ijcwKf

Jones town - what really happened AS USUAL was hidden from the public - they've been killing and experimenting with injections in minorities for a very long time - the people in government, medicine and science see most of us as disposal lab rats - https://youtu.be/p89QHbLB8g0