Podcast #119 - Jason Christoff - Detox Procotol For All Vaccines

Spanish researcher who discovered graphene in the injection explains a good protocol for its removal after injection - https://bit.ly/3lWkQSC

Graphene is the poison of choice in this agenda
Graphene in the face masks - bit.ly/3A2S7iM
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines - bit.ly/3yhXrOK
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery - bit.ly/3jfmfkh
Graphene in the shots - bit.ly/3xwgV17
Pfizer employee (ex) explains the poisonous graphene in the shot - bit.ly/2XetAsX
French scientist warning about mind control "magnetic" vaccines in 1995 - bit.ly/3s6um6Q
THIS IS THE VIDEO - Graphene oxide CAUGHT reacting to wifi - bit.ly/3s1n7gk
Certainly may explain the magnetism after their fake vaccination - bit.ly/3At7cKQ
Graphene based brain interface - bwnews.pr/3s6eYXK
It only gets worse the deeper you investigate - bit.ly/2VGVuNi
Graphene oxide toxicity - https://bit.ly/3m2i91G
Graphene for water treatment now even though it's poison - I did NAZI that coming - https://bit.ly/3805FiW
Graphene is a necessary ingredient to hook us up to the smart cities - https://bit.ly/2XxnCn2

Doctors step forward to explain this shot isn't a vaccine, that anyone taking it is inside a medical experiment/trial and that it's a toxic bioweapon - bit.ly/3ABxdYc

34 documentaries proving that we've been lied to about vaccines on every account, no exceptions - bit.ly/37ydWdV

CDC admits the shot doesn't provide immunity to disease or immunity to spreading disease - it's being sold by pressure and not because it's effective - bit.ly/3xDGEV9

Dr. Toni Bark explains that all the measles vaccinated children at this private school all tested positive for measles specific antibodies but all came down with the measles anyway - that's because the entire virus/vaccine/antibody is a fake narrative that helps trick people into injecting poison into themselves - https://bit.ly/3m7dP1v

THE VIDEO OF ALL VIDEOS - a) viruses don't exist b) SARS-COV-2 doesn't exist c) the RT-PCR test for COVID is a complete Hollywood smoke show scam for the public and d) they've tried to proven sick people can make healthy people sick and they've failed 100% of the time - https://bit.ly/3yMmSbA

Alcohol is a major poison that destroys the body in any amount - https://bit.ly/3yM0iQk

Coffee also a major toxin, which affects brain function in a way that makes someone extremely easy to manipulate and lie to - https://bit.ly/2VXo8u5

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explain it takes 12 years to get a vaccine to market with 98% of proposed vaccines fail to get approved - bit.ly/3jHn2uq

18 Reasons Not To Get This Shot - https://bit.ly/3AFVyfv

15 Reasons I tabulated as to why I won't personally take the shot - https://bit.ly/3jQ02JP

Still alive after the first couple shots? Well, you will need boosters and shot yearly until you pass away from COVID, which doesn't exist - https://bit.ly/3jZa8s2

Professor from Guelph Byram Bridle explains that "we made a mistake, the vaccine is toxic" - https://bit.ly/3xP2l4K

Dr. Carrie Madej explains the lies of COVID, the main toxin in the shots and her detox protocol after the shot - https://bit.ly/3iFOtFI

Vaccine director in the UK admits first round of Pfizer destroys your immunity and boosters needed- bit.ly/3xJuSJa

Swedish medical doctor suggesting 5 shots of the poison per year or you won't qualify as vaccinated - bit.ly/37Aj3dk

Astaxanthin - https://bit.ly/3iMejIh
ZINC -https://bit.ly/3ACTAN5
NAC - https://bit.ly/37KVtdW
Glutathione powder - https://bit.ly/3jQJscF
Quercertin - https://bit.ly/37Vmdc9
Vitamin D - https://bit.ly/3g1mqik
Milk Thistle - https://bit.ly/3CKEc34
Melatonin - https://bit.ly/3sdxm1f
Proteolytic Enzyme- https://bit.ly/2Xllb6V
Multi Vitamin - https://bit.ly/2XhXcFI
Fish Oil - https://bit.ly/3yKPH81
Coffee Enema Instructions and Company - https://bit.ly/3AFDNgj
Click here for more detox info - https://bit.ly/3nbg7Np

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