Nov 19, 2021

Thank you for visiting my website or Facebook page. I assume you may have traveled here because of a recent article in The Guardian, regarding social media influences who spread disinformation about vaccines in general. I’ll keep this brief. In the end The Guardian isn’t telling the truth about this subject and there are good reasons for that.

A primary funder of The Guardian is The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. CLICK HERE to verify that fact. The motivations of Bill Gates regarding vaccination can be summed up in the video LINKED HERE where Mr. Gates states openly that if vaccines are used correctly, they could decrease world population by 10%-15%.

Entire documentaries have been recently made about Bill Gates and his medical charity work, which has ended in thinly veiled euthanasia campaigns around the world. One such documentary can be found below this paragraph. I am indeed vocal against vaccines when they are used to decrease population, which is no different than any of my articles on this page where I openly oppose the coordinated culling of life in general, for political and/or economic motivations.

Please understand the basics of this operation. Bill Gates (and others in his group) have bought and paid for most of the mainstream media. For them to accomplish their goals (clearly stated often by himself and many in his group) they need to eliminate any reporting that shines a light on their history of deceit, euthanasia, corruption and collusion. 

The culling of specific ethnic groups has been going on for a long time, under the guise of public health. This ethnic specific euthanasia, organized by various higher income groups in our society, was once known as eugenics. Eugenics is still alive and well, to this very day. The historical murder of certain ethnic groups (eugenics), while masquerading as government policy or altruistic medical initiatives, is discussed below in two embedded videos.

At this added link, we have a large cache of information regarding the black community and other minority groups being targeted specifically for infertility and euthanasia based campaigns, via the medical system…..specifically vaccination. Vaccines used to cull specific groups is not new but it is indeed hidden from the public

Here’s what vaccines can do to children (video below), when fear is used to make the public bow down to vaccine science, which is questionable at best. Are vaccines designed to kill and cripple? Why can’t the experts ever design a product that makes the public immune, without some people getting killed or crippled in the process? How long has this vaccine/depopulation agenda been going on? Why does the group who are organizing these vaccine campaigns, also do everything in their power to make sure the public never finds out what’s happening behind the scenes? Is The Guardian and their sponsors watching out for public health or are they colluding to decrease population and public health, in order to place the remaining population under firm tyrannical control? 

Currently, all COVID vaccines in the United States haven been reported to have killed more people in 10 months than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years. CLICK HERE to explore that fact. This is what The Guardian and their sponsors don’t want you to know. They need you to comply. For you to comply, they need to censor what information you see and hear.

Inside the UK, many moral people are also speaking up and attempting to warn the public about what’s happening behind the scenes at the hospitals, long term care homes and even inside the funeral homes as well. In this video below, a UK funeral director explains the sort of information that The Guardian and their sponsors want to hide from the public.

In the video below this paragraph, a Canadian expert in virology explains that for every 1 adult saved by the COVID vaccines, they kill 7 and for every child the COVID vaccines save, they kill 100. Yes, all the COVID vaccines are already proven to kill and destroy the public. And for every adult and child killed by the COVID vaccine, their deaths are reported by corrupt media sources as being from COVID, from a variant of COVID or having nothing to do with the vaccination. This is what The Guardian and their sponsors don't want you to see or hear. This is the only reason there is an article in the Guardian, regarding influencers on "social media" spreading misinformation in October of 2021. When there's a group of eugenic experts trying to organize a world wide vaccine euthanasia event, of course they're going to attempt to silence any evidence to their conspiracy. 

Click here to watch any one of 35 documentaries proving that all vaccines have been killing and crippling since they’ve been pushed on an unknowing public hundreds of years ago.

Click here to watch many medical doctors and other health professionals explain the dangers of the COVID vaccines. This is the kind of information that The Guardian and their sponsors want to censor, so the public stay uninformed and open to media/government subversion and capitulation.

In a final video (posted below), we have a secret camera inside a hospital filming what The Guardian and their sponsors don’t want you to see or hear about the COVID vaccines. The censoring of valuable information, which would help the public free itself from the tyrannical grip of known eugenicists, is the only reason The Guardian paid a reporter to execute a social media hit piece about people like myself. It’s that simple. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Guardian and their sponsors are failing. Their weakness is showing. They’re unorganized and no amount of censorship can hide this scale of corruption, darkness and evil intent. Evil cannot create, it can only manipulate. Inside evil is always to be found the seeds of its own destruction. For this group to believe they can cull at this large a scale and keep the public inside a prefabricated media illusion reeks of their psychopathy and their inability to judge the long term consequences of their actions. They will fail on all accounts and it’s time everyone got involved in removing them from their corrupt seats of power, including the seat they hold at The Guardian. 

FOUR COVID SHOTS are the new normal  Trailer - Vaccine Secrets (vsecretscc.com)

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