The Metaverse, Transhumanism and A 2 Foot Penis

Dec 29, 2021
The road to transhumanism is paved with hatred of self and the hatred of being human. You can see this today in many forms already, as this road is being purposely paved by our dark and ancient social engineers. No one wants to be truly human anymore. A growing number of hypno programmed folks hate the idea of being human in some way, shape or form. Look today at the growing numbers of females who despise what the human design has provided them. They don't like their natural lips and therefore they fill those insufficient human lips with toxic filler. The same philosophy is seen regarding their breasts and many other parts of their bodies.
A growing number of social engineered NPC's (non character players) can't stand aging, which is also human of course. Not only do a growing number of people hate aging, they also hate the fact that they have to actually mature from a child into an adult, which is a natural rite of passage all humans are supposed to take. There's supposed to be a transition and betterment through the years mentally and most people want nothing to do with this whatsoever. They want to live as a perpetual dependent infant for life. If you take a person who literally hates various parts of their own bodies or various human functions (like menstruating, aging, sagging, maturing etc) these people will be extremely easy prey to be escorted into the a robotic version of themselves (transhumanism) because they loathe being human anyway.
These people will also be extremely easy prey to escort into the metaverse fantasy simulations where your lips, boobs and ass can be the perfect size for life regardless of what's going on in your real life. 2 foot cocks for the men and lips the size of a baboon's vagina for the ladies.....step right up into the metaverse simulation because real life and being human is so fucking boring, empty and meaningless. People who live in their Mom's basement will enter the metaverse simulation as super successful adventurous types and fast food guzzling folks who embrace perpetual victimhood can enter the metaverse as perfectly healthy ripped beauties, even though they inject poison under their skin yearly while their bodies reside inside an electronic control grid.
This is Jason Christoff reporting live from planet mental asylum where people are being programmed to hate themselves because evil is at the helm and no one seems to be able to use the eyes or mind that the creator gave them. Stop hating yourself to the point where you're going to beg to be turned into a robot or live through a virtual reality helmet strapped to your empty noggin. You're fucking it all up for humanity, so start thinking again.


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